Monday, April 20, 2015

Adventure 82

Happy 420 Ya'll!!  This post was done before it hit midnight, but I had a long nap before I posted it.

A few days ago, I went to Sn@tch and gathered some people up for the riot vendor.  I got to snag this awesome mesh dress for 70L, of course right after I bought it it went down to 59L lol just my luck. I'm seriously diggin' the Black Fashion Fair hair from Tameless.

Taking off from Sn@tch going Southwest. takes me to Toy Slaves Brothel. This place is a fully functional Brothel.  So please no freelancing escorts.  No soliciting.

This place is a full commitment.   If you're looking for a family, friends or somewhere to belong and you're on the seductive side check this out.

There is no pay.  You will be a sex slave.  All money will be sent to the house Madame.  I remember considering this place once in my earlier years.  But when I was checking it out and found out it was no pay I decided against it.  Although ladies that like to be taken care of might be a great fit.

Ladies of the house are VERY well taken care of.  This is more of a communal establishment.  All funds go to improving the place and taking care of the family.

There are a few requirements to apply.  You must commit to 30 days. RLV, Collared, Controlled. And you stay in one of the estates.  After the 30 days you may leave or stay for another 30 days.

They don't just throw you to the wolves There's an extensive training process before you go out.  All ladies are of quality, taking pride in their avi's.  Each lady has high quality skins, shapes, hair, clothing.  They are also skilled emoters.

Wrapped around the club are different rooms that are available.  But having a Toys Slave VIP tag is necessary

You're sure to find something your into as they have guys, girls, TV/TG/TS slaves and subs. Covering 5 sim of sex, D/S and BDSM..

They also have their own radio station there as well.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Next up from there is West of the brothel.  Exile is a hair store for both men and women.  Specializing in mesh hair styles.  Although they do have sculpted styles as well.  Make sure you have tried a demo, you buy it you buy it.

Men are always looking for great quality in SL.  Well this is the place to be if your searching for quality hair. From short to long, there's a length for everyone.

You can joined the update group by clicking the scribo on the far left box on the wall of the new releases.  You can also earn store credit.

** Lag Rating: 2

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing yeah yeah... A & M MOCAP Danceworks is Northeast of Exile.  This is a place that you can take your children, as the land is general.  It's family friendly.

Whether you're looking for Couples, Club, Theater, Sensual, Urban Street, Pole Dancing, Industrial or Rave dances they are all here.  You can spend hours testing them out.

If you hit the teleport to the Info Center you can check out dances they have made from some movies. Across the way are dances for kids too.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

East of A & M MOCAPS is The Players Club.  This place seems right up my alley.  They does a mix of Alternative and Top 40.  And I'm diggin' the colors of the place, dark gray and purple.

Any Hosts or DJ's looking for a job?  They are hiring for both.  So if you're into that kind of music take a stab at it.
This place is rocking between 7 am - 3am.  Almost a 24 hour club.

The right hand side of the club is a big wall of pictures. They are having a photo contest to crown Prom King & Queen.  To join the contest tap the board & pay 100L. Each vote is 25L.  Why would you be interested in a thing like this....For charity of course.  All proceeds to towards Autism.  The sign says that the crowning is in April, but does not give the ending date.  Probably to lower the chances of cheating.

Not only are they running a contest to raise money, but on the left side of their dance floor there's a donation stand.

Make it up the steps and you will find some fashions to perv.  Along with the growing plaza outside.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last location today is Southeast of The Players Club is Lastat Productions.  This place specializes in items that designers would crave HUD wise.  Along with things for club owners.

Designs will enjoy items like Christmas Tree hunt system, Pumpkin Patch Hunt System, Skeleton Hunt System, Advanced Prim Counter, Auction Sytem, Greeter Board, Item Vendor, Multi-Online Status Display, Teleport Hud & Mailbox.

Items a club owner would be interest in would be a DJ Hud, Club Tool, Dance Hud, Tournament Board, Advanced Tip Jar, Sploder, AD Board, Universal Event Board, Daily Event Board, Picture Contest Board, Contest Board, Schedule Board, Auction System, Shoutcast Board, Raffle Board, Bid Board,

Of course no items is designated for any establishment. Each item can be rezzed and tested by the big machine in the back of the store.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL


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