Friday, April 10, 2015

Adventure 76

So today Tameless came out with another blogger packet and this is by far probably my favorite outfit. Been looking for a good biker outfit.  They have system pants with mesh on the legs making them look like chaps.  It goes perfect with my favorite hair from their.

After changin' my clothes to the kick ass outfit from Tameless, I tp to the middle of the map to take the directions given by  The first direction is Southwest which takes me to Notoriously Disturbed MC.

I have been standing in this sim for a while, RL has pulled me away every time I try to get it started. So by wandering through the sim I've found a drag track.  Where they keep score of who's the fastest speed.

With track going every which way, some of it goes through the town center.  Going through town center you can find shops open for rent & shops to well shop in.

For those that would like to learn how to drive a bike like me this track would be a great start.  Not only is it 2 sims worth but they have concrete barrier so you can't fall of the sides.

On top of the first incline you will find a large hangout area. There are comfy chairs for you to wait your turn to try to beat the highest score.  If your able to have the top score by the 15th of the month you get 1000L & a trophy.

After a long truck 698m up there is a landing where they have a club with a  huge aquarium and some nice tables @ club In-Toxic.

** Lag 1.5

I know "taking it slow" on SL is a myth, but some of us do it.  So you've been on a few dates and you wanna turn the heat up a bit.  Travel North to Insatiable Obsessions.

Outside is a gorgeous scene with a fantastic sandy beach.  Filled with tucked away cuddle spots, gazebos, lookouts and bridges.  Even surfing.

On the same property is an elaborately decorated house.  Set up for voyeur enjoyment.  But there are other aspects of the house too.  With comfy couches in the living room close to the dancing, fireplace & piano.  Near the bar there are 2 stripper poles, even a table to dance on.  Where you can become the entertainment.

The place is also equipped with a porn movie theater and set up for fun with more then just one person.  Hotwife, Cuckolding, orgies, and gangbangs too.

Out on the deck is an fancy pool, with floaties in it. Beach towels, loungers and picnic tables cover the deck.

** Lag Rating: 2

East is the next direction, which takes me to Chakryn Forest.  This has been around for a while.  I can't even remember when I ran into this sim before but it is simply splendid.

The place that I landed was right in front of the door of Lowell Creations, where you can purchase most of the trees, plants, rocks, grass and lighting.

This will definitely be put on the photographic notecard I have been developing and passing out to different groups.  If you would like to pick one up you can at the headquarters.

You can put down items here at the sim, so you can use pose balls for that perfect picture.

** Lag 2

Traveling Northwest takes me to Sole Desire Foot Fetish & Femdom.  When you land you can either go to one or another.  Also there is a little hang out area around the fireplace.  On the other side is a barefoot bench.  Where you can get your feet rubbed and worshiped.

There is a dance area, private cabins fight ring, lodge playrooms & outdoor dancing.  And you can join the group and set your home here if you have no other place.

I decided to start with the Femdom side.  Before I make it into the building they have shoe cleaning available.  You're shoes scuffed up from travelin? Get them cleaned here.

Well this should be interesting as I enter the building there's a slave ride in the middle of the room. Where you can ride your slave like a pony. The rest of the cabin is scattered with erotic art & BDSM equipment everywhere.  Upstairs they have playrooms equipped with play rugs.

On the Fetish side there are various equipment to help you worship your favorite part of the body. Artwork of paying tribute to the all mighty feet.  Not exactly the fetish I'd choose.  But each to their own, the great thing of SL to connect with people that are into what you are.

** Lag Rating: 2

Ending the adventure today going South is Zoobyville.  For all of you that don't know it. Zooby's makes very realistic newborn & babies.  Each bundle of joy comes with a menu and AO to make it as lifelike as possible.  Although the baby thing isn't my thing.  There are SEVERAL people out there that it is. So since it's not, here's my chance and yours to explore this popular lifestyle in SL..

The sim is split in 2 on the left side is affiliate stores that make items compatible with the baby.  On the other side is a starter kit for designers.  They have mesh changing tables, crib, bedding, toddler beds, clothes, hats, shoes, boots, glasses, wings, & tails.

Next building over is Zooby's Babies.  There's a sign outside the building saying "If baby's bought somewhere else other then this location they are not responsible & will not replace baby.  You've been warned.

All babies sex is neutral till you decide their gender. The goal is to give your baby love and support. It will grow, respond, learn & receive toys.  Newborns start at 0 & toddlers at 24.  There are 60 stages of development.  Feeding, bathing, napping, holding & changing diapers will keep your baby happy. If you're a great parent your child will benefit.  One day of happiness gives you a token.  Collect tokens to redeem toys @ Zoobyville.  Each babie is transferable.

You can purchase things to keep the baby happy here like bottles, mother's milk, baby food, snack bites, diapers, pull ups, baby wash, & love.

Next room is Zooby's Accessories like clothing, high chairs, hair, pacifiers, jewelry, wings, mittens and snuggle rugs.

Last room is the furniture room.  Where you can get beds,  daybeds, cribs, rocking chairs, lamps, bedding, and playpen.

In the front there is also a sign that gives you a landmark to Pal Park.  Where you can play with your new baby, but also to talk to others to get the knack of it.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

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