Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Adventure 83

I was flippin' through some hunt blogs and found this outfit I had to have.  Hope I don't run into any kid sims this adventure.  You can find it in the Hunt For Your Inner Slut Hunt.

You can still get this hair at the Black Fashion Fair.

First off is Voodoo which has all sorts of fun gadgets for your club.  They have several different Sploders a security measure, and a votebox..

They have many Spolders to choose from. Standard Spolder.  Shows you real visitors, brings high traffic, anti-bot, anti-afk.  And does not require skill gaming region.  You have the choices of a Heart, Star, Mannequin, V-Engine, Rainbow Male, Rainbow Female, Rainobw Male/Female, Rubik, Rose, Gaming, Diamond, & Club Spolders.  If you go upstairs there's a Dragon, Skull & Bat.

Something else that would get the club popping is a Spolder Trivia.  It comes with 1000's questions, and you can purchase add-on trivia sets.  Which can be purchased here as well.

Or a way to encourage people to keep dancing at your location. A Sploder Dance bonus.  It tops at 20 dancers and you an load your own dance animations.

Voodoo also have a support department where you can open a ticket if something isn't working right. Or if you've accidentally been banned from a land because of the Voodoo system you can come down here and remove your ban.

Another form of exploring SL you can come and get a Voodoo Tracker Hud, where it shows you places that have the systems you can enjoy.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

South of Voodoo is [Playtime] Gentleman's Club. When you land there are some ads to the right and left.  To the left there are ads from house escorts and freelance ads to the right.  Behind you are applications to work here.

Once you get inside there are a few rooms around the walls of the room.  Private, Dressing, Hotel rooms & Pool Area.

If you're looking for classy, elegant women that are voice verified come check this place.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up going Southwest is a very popular place.  OpenCollar - Temple of the Collar.  The sim is covered with different sorts of collars.

I have an collar with OpenCollar in it, but have only played around with it.  Personally I'm a control freak of myself so I wear it as a pretty necklace lol.

To understand it better since I can't explain it you can check out the website for more of an insight.

If you already have a collar with OpenCollar in it already and need an update you can get it here. You can also pick up an owner Hud, Submissive AO, or a script you can drop into your AO.

This is also a hang out spot.  There are chairs around, and even some games.  Gives you a chance to perhaps find someone to teach you how to use it.  Or find someone that's looking for a Master/Mistress or a Slave/Pet.

** Lag Rating: 2

You know you ladies love your shoes.  N-core Designs has been a leading shoes store for a long time. In the main building they have shoes that have the feet added inside the shoe.  I know most of you gals are all hooked on Slink, but there are more things out there then just that.

The back half of the store is sectioned out for a big sale they are having. They are having a scupted shoes retirement sale.  Save 50 or 60% off.

To find out more about the "The New System" new mesh feet by N-core Design you can either click the big board that will teleport you across the courtyard.  Or you can just walk across lol.

The New System comes in Flat, Medium and Xtreme.  You can purchase them individually or you can get a fatpack of all 3.

Hesitant because you don't know what skin store support them?  There's some leading stores participating.  Left to the feet displays you can get the free appliers to match your skin..

Do you wear Belleza, DeeTalez, League, Izzie's Essences, Glam Affair, Pink Fuel, Theskinnery, Birdy, Meghindo's, LAQ, Elysium, Modish, Al Vulo, Wow Skins, PXL Creations, Lara Hurley, TSG, It Girls, Lumae, Ys&Ys, Ooh-La-Licious, Egozy, Redgrave they have appliers for you.

There are 2 huds that would be helpful too and thats the Click & Match HUD or Personal Hud. The click & Match has all the stores I mentioned and gives you a chance to find the tone that works with skin you already have.  Or you can use the Personal Hud where you can put your own textures in the hud to match.

It also works with Venus, Physique, Lara, Lena, Phat Azz & Eve mesh bodies.

The add-on section has some great new shoes in it.

** Lag Rating: 2

I'm ending today's stroll at Phoenix Hair.  As you walk in the door you're offered a group invite.  It does cost 50L.  You get a 5% discount and group gifts on a regular.  Don't forget to wear the group tag to get the discount.

The store is split up in half.  One side is hair for both women and men.  And the other side is for clothing.

Gift Cards of 250L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L can be purchased for friends.  If you bought something and you didn't get it they have a redelivery system too.

** Lag Rating: 2

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