Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Adventure 73

So I liked the jeans from yesterday's adventure I decided to wear them again.  What can I say I love my ass in them.  I also have a lovin' for tied shirts so I'm wearing one from Nadia Fantasy Designs.  And this weeks favorite hair from Tameless.

Today's start is Southwest of Nadia Fantasy Design where I snagged the shirt to Solange!  When you walk in you will see 2 boxes out. One pink, one purple, the pink one has a Red dot mini & the purple has Tango appliers..  Right across that is the scribo, in case you ran out of groups.

If you wanna participate in the fun stuff like member only discounts, special gifts, first access to new releases, and lucky boards.  To snag it, it'll cost ya 200L.  The quality of clothing makes it worth it.

Just behind the scribo is the group gift, which I assume changes every month. Along with Gift Cards, check store credit, redelivery terminal, & something I've talked about some adventures back, the Wishlist.

Into the open room, each item is displayed awesome.  You can purchase individual colors which there are many or you can by the fatpack and save 40%.  They also give you the option of buying it as a gift.  There is nice fashion here looks like some is system somes mesh.  So guys can come and get their gals some nice lingerie or dress for the night out.

If the outfit is applier friendly they will have the appliers for the outfit below the ad.  Some times however some outfits come with them.  Look at the signs closely as some have Omega, TMP, Slink, Wowmeh, Maitreya, Belleza, & Tangos.

They sell an array of different clothing from silks, cocktail dresses, fantasy RP clothing & clubwear.  You can also find jewelry here.  And teleport to the Bargain basement to find great deals.

Upstairs there is a small section of men clothing.  With kilts Highlander, and male silks.

Next door is a building for petite avatars.

** Lag Rating: 2

South takes me to Garden of GreenBerg.  Landing at the end of a tree trails, in the middle is a pose for you to kiss your frog.  This place is set up a little mystically.  With a bird flying above.  Places to take pictures.  It's still set up as a winter wonderland.  Covered in snow and crystals.

There is a lot around with small surprises around like some small boats.  Maybe you want to sled down the hill, or cuddle up to an animal.  There are cuddle spots scattered about. And romantic dancing spots in ruins.

This place is just awesome to wander in.  Following bridges and pushing through trees, you find fantastic cubbies.  I think I've reached the top of the sim as I make it up a high bridge into a cave of romance.  Full of places to spend time together with a little privacy.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next direction is East taking me to Mina Hair.  When you walk into the store on the right hand side there is a wall that shows you not only the events they are participating in but the hair that is available along with the landmark of the locations.

If you join the VIP group which costs 200L you will receive 10% off your purchases.  She has gorgeous hair done with nice mesh textures.  It's unrigged mesh and hud driven.

The type of hair is very mixed.  I've seen very long hair, punk hair, and retro hair.  Looking across the way they also have men hair as well.  Make sure you try a demo before purchase.

Looking for discounts?  Move upstairs to check out the hair available that's 50% off.  Gacha machines and even a group gift on the desk.  Maybe you don't wanna pay for it.  Sign up on Wishlist and get someone to get it for you lol.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

After meetin' yet another hottie, distracting myself for a while for well over an hour chattin' back to work.  Goin' Northeast and landing on Tramps #1.  Tramps is a high traffic freelance strip club.  They take a mandatory 20%.

They also have escorting here, which you must grab a diamond from the ground and wear.  There is no direct tipping as the house must get their cut.

The walls are covered with advertisements.  If you're in the sex industry you might want an ad here.  Some spots are open.  Another thing on the wall is pictures of the top tippers of the day.

Towards the entrance there are 3 rooms available for free. Pick your entertainer and pick a room all in one spot.  And outside the building is a strip mall where you can get your shoppin' on.

Some things you need to know, no direct payments, vampire bites, children (duh), pimps, weapons, voice morphing, huge avatars (guess the biggest get no loving). There is more but you can get the information near the entrance.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Direction #5 takes me to AEG Bad 80's Club.  Which is flippin awesome cause I dig the 80's & 90's so this is somewhere I should probably frequent.

When I landed I noticed one of the name tags was green.  I looked over and its an old friend from back in the day Tia. We haven't gone clubbin in ages together.  It was nice that she was here to hang with for a bit.

I was lucky she was around.  As I was down on the ground chattin' with her she invited me to jump up on the bar with her and shake my grove thang with her.

The DJ does a great mix of music.  Their also very friendly here.  Although at this time the club was full of girlies.  So guys should definitely step up.

Bad is part of the Ambrosia Entertainment Group, has a Miami Vice type of feel.  It is set up very 80's, which of course it's suppose to.

Several dance balls are in the front of the stage to satisfy every dancing need.  From singles to couples.  Too even dancing with a buddy in sequence.

** Lag Rating: 2

Till Tomorrow...

~ JL

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