Monday, April 27, 2015

Adventure 86

A few years back I ran a promotion business called Shameless Promotions.  RL happened and I quit doing it.  When I was doing it B. Barbie was one of my clients.  I'm very excited how her shop as shaped up. And I'm wearing one of new releases today.  When you purchase the outfit you actually get 2 outfits.  It's a half mesh outfit.  But it also comes with matching bottoms so you can wear it on the beach.

If you haven't done it already ladies, run to Little Bones hair.  For the group price of 100L you can receive over 7 hairs for free.  They have a new hair out every month and then throw it on the shelf when the month is done.

After speaking with a sim owner, I got the idea of adding the location name to the place I take the outfit of the day.

Picture taken @ Dark Alley Location # 4

Before I go on strolls I collect the information like price and such for the details of the outfit I wear on My Haters Motivate Me fashion blog.  I've been starting to use the last spot I grab the information from as the kick off spot and start using the directions from there.

So.. Going from B. Barbie Style to Hardbass.  For some reason when I read it on the map I was expecting a clothing store but I was wrong.  Hard base is a futuristic looking club.  The club itsself looks like its inside a ship.

The music they play fits the environment.  Techno, Dub step, Trance type.  Not exactly my thing but once in a while a song catches me.  But it reminds me of music Bill & Ted should have been playing.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Hop off the small island of sims I was on to the mainland. Southwest took me too Venus hair.  I'm always excited to find a new hair store.  It seems like there is a lack of them.  That or I just haven't run across them myself.

This place does well done mesh hair. The colors are quite natural.  You can try your chance at winning one as your letter comes up on the lucky board.  You can also join the free group and get this month's hair.  While you're doing that don't forget to hit the midnight mania board next to the group gift.

** Lag Rating: 1

Heading South to Lucky Strike Lanes.  If you're looking for something different to take a first date this would be a great idea.  Not everyone is ready to go to someones house (That and what happens if it doesn't work out, they know where you live lol).  Maybe too soon to cuddle on the beach. Drag them here.

You can bowl or play bingo.  Make a family night of it.  Winner gets treats.  Family trophy perhaps. Get your name on the high score board for bragging rights.

To bowl you click the ball that's in the catch.  It will give you a bowling ball to wear.  There is a big sign next to every lane to let you know how to bowl if you don't know how to yet.

Also seems as if there's a random money giver while you were here. And the bingo looks quite popular here.

On the opposite side of the bingo is a room that they have stripper poles out for sale.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Of course on of the days I look innocent I run into a place like the next location.  Going back up North I land on Dark Alley.

When landing you get some rules to live by.  This fantasy role play area is BDSM, forced and kidnapping.  So watch out in those dark alleys. Knowing this information, you consent.  Wait would that be rape then?  Anyway if you like it rough and want to find like minded people come perv it.

Seems as if they're having a if it happens in Dark Alley it stays in Dark Alley.  Kinda like Vegas lol. Brag about the good time you had here later when your not busy.

Be consider it and take pride in your avi. This is an urban sim so clothing should be modern high quality clothing.

This sim is made for the entertainment for humans, Nekos Demons, & Vampires.  Non-humans may lurk in the sewers and ark corners of the sim.

Unfortunately, she-males, furries, cartoon characters, child/childlke, and over sized avi's are prohibited.

Waking down the hallway, there are tons of stores for you to check out if you're looking for a new outfit.  Then you can test it out when you enter the alley.  Follow the red arrows to the fun.

They do have an OOC lounge.  Once you take the teleport to Dark Alley you're automatically in character. Inside the lounge they have 2 gifts out one for guys and one for gals.

You need to be part of the group to be able to use the teleport.  Once you click the teleport it gives you several options to choose from.  Mall, OOC, Police Station, GinaCorp, Graveyard, Home Invasion, beac, cinema, college, subway, the docks & underground.

Going through the streets, almost every building has something set up in them.  Like real businesses although you can't buy anything in them.  Like the porn store, quickie mart & gas stations.

** Lag Rating: 3

The last location is a 2 for 1 lol.  When I was searching Northwest for the last place to go the name of this place caught my eye.  The Fat Ass Club, Dogging Woods kinda threw me off but was curious so I went to check it out.  So for all you guys with a thing for big booties, this clubs your place.  Made out of brick building, they have a few stripper poles.  And they have realistic bubbles floating about. They also have a lounge area with a sex pool table.  Or check out the elaborate bathroom, even equipped with workable showers.

The red teleport near the pool table will take you down to the Dogging Woods.  A gorgeous wooded area, with cuddle spots, sex and cars about.

So if going camping gets your motor running, this would be your place.  With a tent set up, campfire, and picnic set up.  It's a place for a romantic get away.  There's also a cave you enter full of some BDSM fun.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL


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