Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Adventure 13

Fully baked and ready to stroll.  Grabbing my travel partner Mysterious to go on another adventure after we slap the MM boards @  Custom Inkz, we flying across the map we touch down at Leather and Lace DSM Community and Slave Auction.

As you walk forward you come to what I thought was a dance floor but there are tons of Auction boards, where you can bid on spending time with someone that is right up your alley, boys seeking owners, girls seeking masters, Girls seeking masters, girls seeking owners, girls seeking mistresses, owner's seeking subs.

A few games are around, Greedy, HaxWorx & Cards Against Humanity.  Along with a 1000L Raffle Board.

Walking past the auction boards there are 2 photo booths for taking your own pictues.  They also have 7 Seas Fishing game.  There is a dock where you can pull your boat up and enjoy the land.  And for the ones looking for on there is an Avatar Script Memory Monitor.

Moving more around the sim I found an outdoor dance club, all dressed up for New Years. A swimming pool off to the side with a bar in the water.

** Lag Rating: 3

Moving Northwest, after talking to some lovely ladies there at the Auction house we land on Felicity.  A large store focusing on shoes, furniture & garden items.

The shoes are partial mesh, comes with skin & toenail hud.  You have 24 colors or heel colors to choose from.

 There is a group gift out, although the group cost 50L.  There are 4 of them actually, these heels are very high quality.  It's well worth the group price.  Off to the side is the discount room.  Quality shoes for a decent price.

Moving through the rooms of the store the next we come upon is a jewelry section, lovely jewelry with texture change.

The next room is a clothing section.  They have clothing for both men and women.  There are 2 lucky chairs out so take your chances.

Cutting across the courtyard a sign says Doors above, when you walk in there are many doors to choose from, also turning around there are some textures there as well.

Moving forward there are rugs, flowers and elegant furniture ahead.

Going back into the courtyard, stopping to look at the fountain which is for sale.  Along with that there are hammocks, which has an original pose.

** Lag Rating: 3

Heading south we land on Valkyrie Torva Panthers.  When you land you land in the shopping area before you move towards the rp area.  If you go to the bottom of the market there is clothing for Pathers, and slaves.  If you keep walking they have a council chambers, knowledge center area & enchanted forest.

** Lag Rating: 2

Picking up and heading east landing on Redneck Reservoir.Going past a big sign saying job opening you come up on Magic Fishing, a way to earn lindens.  Moving across the bridge it looks as Mysterious as found some floaties to make her way across to the other side.  Going past the lake there is a camp ground set up, crash in a sleeping bag after wearing yourself out playing Blazen Poker, Cupidity or Zilch.  Past that there are 2 trucks on the side of the stage. Although there are people here I don't believe an event was going on.  If you go east of the lake, there is a mass collection of pets out, there is even a tiger swimming in the river.  After checking out the place we jump back on the floaties and play bumper floaties.  Meeting a fisherman as we play in the pond.

** Lag Rating: 2

For our last location we land at Trashy Whore Trailer Park.  Just the place to have for the last one.  As we land we see a man called, RumpleSmoothSkin.  Thought it was cute being that it was the first person I ran into...Anyway... They have a tailor set up as a small strip club spot, and glory hole.  Check the various trailors for different types of fun. To top it off they even have a wrestling ring in the back.  Good old fashion trashy trailer park backyard wrestling.

 This place is huge.  There's a beach, bad romance, whore house, market, biker bar, island and club.  There is a map where you can tp around the sim to find trashy fun.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until tomorrow....

~ JL

Monday, December 29, 2014

Adventure 12

So I'm still at my friend house for a small vacation so I asked my sister Mysterious if she wanted to be my travel buddy.  So she's the one giving me the directions today.  This is gonna be fun since were both baked out our minds.  As we were chatting, he discussed starting a lag rating for each sim.  So we will start a lag rating from 1 to 5. 1 being lag free to 5 crash from lag. If we experience major lag will let let you know.  Since our computers are new and have awesome graphic cards.

So we dress up and head East, landing on Sex School.  The exterior looks like a boarding school. You must be 18+ to enter however.  Walking to the building going straight is a library with stripper poles. Off to the left there is a bathroom with some poses in it.  When you make it to the classrooms you can use the desks as they have animation in them for sitting or even sex.  As we wander through the rooms, we got a peek show, caught a couple getting down.  There's even a basketball court on the top floor.

** Sim Lag Rating 4

After checking out the interesting things of Sex School we head North to Magic Avi Shapes.  Their shapes look more of the teen size variety.  Shape only, mod and copy but not transfer.  And style card is enclosed.  They have a free gift out of a shape that is cop no mod or transfer along with cut off shorts with fringe.  And they are participating in the Peace On Earth hunt till the 6th of January.

** Sim Lag Rating 2

Leaving the shape store we head West, landing in a gothic land called Damned Divine Homeland.  It starts out, at least for us a snowy brick road the leads up to really nice waterfall. Next to the waterfall there is Cheesy and Greedy.

If you go left and go through the stone walk way you go into a cavern, which there is dancing near a waterfall.

Moving on there are couches that have different real life scenarios, for fun picture taking.  There are also bear rugs which have lots of animations from singles, cuddling and getting down.

Leaving the cavern I head too the huge building to see what's inside, but before that I'm distracted by the information board.  Apparently there is a Damned Divine Holiday Xmas Bug Fair going on till January 12th although I'm not sure what it is.  Seems as if this land is owned by vampires and this is a clan land.  They have some events going on and music once a day.

Right in the doorway before we making it into the big building they have Bloodlines Lumen & Blood Alter.  It seems as this is a place you can rent a room in if you are into the gothic type of life.  You get 200 prims for 100L.

This place is so huge it would take 2 hours to explore it properly.

** Sim Lag Rating 3

After enjoying ourselves @ Damned Divine we head south to Club Laniakea.  A club that is on the top deck of a yacht.
On the deck below there are games to play like Greedy, On the Roll, Cards Against Humanity & Simopolis.

Going a deck down below that is a bunch of children toys, sea saw, slides, and crawling wall.  The bottom deck as a theater.  After speaking to the manager he told me that there is a mall up in the skin which I went and took a look at. As I walk through the mall I run into a store called Life.  They sell a hud which makes your SL more life like.  Tells you when your hungry, thirsty, or tired.  You can purchase food and other items the correlate to the hud.  There is also a playground for the children to play.  This place is family friendly.

** Sim Lag Rating 2

After speaking with the nice people at Club Laniakea we travel Northeast.  Landing in AvaDate & Pool Area.  This place is not for those looking for escorts.  But for those of you that are looking to truly enjoy the side of romance would like to have an second life mater and looking for singles, this place is a paid membership private group dating service.  Membership fee is 500L which allows you to browse through the profiles of other singles that are looking for new friends and a little romance.  Just fill out a short personal profile of what your like & what your looking for.  There is even another membership here called Alternative Lifestyles if you are looking for specific type of people Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Goth, Furries, Neko, Role Players, Fantasy, Master, Slave or Mistress.  Although the sim is small, its made up very nice, where they have a few places where you can bring your new friend and get to know them if you don't want to take them to your hang outs just yet.  There is a dance in the sign up place, see how compatible you are while your dancing.

** Sim Lag Rating 2

Adventure 11

Calling my best gal pal, Pix, owner of Pixystix (she has gifts under her tree still) again to give me directions.  She directs me to go Southeast I land on Bloodlines East.  You come to a map, giving you a chance to teleprot around the sim to check out the different stores.  There are different locations that are not stores for RP.  The shops contain different items that help you through the role play.  Huds, weapons, blood banks.  If you're into vampires stuff you might want to check it out.  If you walk around you will find a blood bar.

Going Northeast landing at Red Light District were freelance escorts dance for you and entertain your every way as you shop.  There are shops that are just set up like restaurants the sim is set up like the streets of Amsterdam.  As you walk around you can find green buttons that teleport you to dirt cheap rooms to take your lover.  Also there are ad boards to promote escort entertainers from 1 to 4L.

Landing on Romantic Paradise, as I came from the Southeast, completely opposite from the last location.  A place to come bring your loved one for a private moment, not built for exotic but romantic time.  Following around the sim you come up to different cabins and ways to cuddle and creative magic moments.  Also a beautiful sim to take pictures in.

Heading south Zombie's call so I strap up and go kill me some zombies at Miho's Zombie Attack. You can purchase your guns here to mow the Z's down. They have guns, knives, bow, & swords. Coming soon Zombie Tiki Village.  They have a "Most Kills" contest starts new very Sunday @ 6pm.  Weekly total prizes of 1500L are divide between the top 5 on the score board.  50L bonuses will be given out if you have "Miho's Zombie Attack" in their profile picks.

My last direction went south.  Landing on Creation VIP. Creations Vip as many things for sale, clothing for men and women, shoes, skins,  Also come for the group gifts. They are involved with Top Secret Finds For Men, The Stores & Creators, and SL Frees & Sales.  They are participating in hunts also.Silent Night, Santa's Slay, Rock Xmas, Feel My Sack, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, they all end at the end of December so you do not have much time.  The store also has lucky boards where you can get free outfits.

See you tomorrow ya'll!

~ JL

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Adventure 10

As I am on vacation, I was unable to do last nights due to travel, but I got some time to do my adventure today I hope that you enjoy it.

I happen to be at a fellow residents house in RL, and he is going to be my muse for the day.  So Hans told me to go north from Vitamens (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Japarid/112/111/26) where I was checking out the hot guy undie.

I landed in yet another beautiful wonderland, called Seven Sins.  Heading up the stairs I run into a Santa clause.  And he has a gift there for you. Continuing up the stairs,  Passing the stairs I come to a snowy tree arch, in the trail there is a fork in the road, I can either go to the farm or HTE, since I don't know what HTE is I think I'll go there first.  Entering the building I come to a forge, There is a stage for dancers and off to the left there is a corridor of SL art on the walls.  Going through the door it leads you up outside the building to a door that brings you to the upstairs with more erotic art.  Going back outside and heading back to the fork in the road, I go to check out the farm, its a gorgeous farm to rent, 700L a week and you get 30 sims, but its fully furnished.

If you move around and find a waterfall, you can go inside it and travel through the tunnels to find torture chambers.

After enjoying going through the tunnels of Seven Sins I land on Edge End.  A rp sim.  It seems as if it is a French speaking place.  As much as I can tell, sorry in advance my French is not that good.  It's a post apocalyptic setting.  Not dressed for the occasion I was unable continue.

Update:  After speaking with the owner I realized I was wrong so I would like correct the description. It actually takes place in 2014.  But unlike ours its an imaginative world.  There is no dress code,  and offer role play to all.

Heading Northwest its time to hit Easy Street.  Landing in the front of a hall of stores you move around to a building where you can go to the theater to watch porn or go to the right of the building a strip club with naughty pictures up.  There is a fenced of nice part of grass.  With a teleport to Cougar Lounge.

Going south I land on Paradise Sex Beach.  Heading left to Paradise Swim Beach,  there's some lounge chairs & floaties.  Nudity one the beach.  The beach has a bar, for a romantic time.  Yet another place with to take pretty pictures.  You must be at least 18 to enter the place.  There is so much to explore.  I felt a little out of place being clothed.  Before someone tells me to take off my clothes I move to the next destination.

As Hans passes me another bowl he tells me to end my adventures in the far east..  Landing @ Tradewinds Yacht Club.  As I walk down the docks of the Yacht club there are rent boxes so you can dock your yachts here.  Walking around I ran into a lighthouse, a pub and a dock in the middle with backgammon & chess, and a 7 Seas fishing game gear vendor.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Adventure 9

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope that you all enjoyed your families, friends, dinner & presents.  I took the day off yesterday & spent some time with Mordicai, then went to Christmas mass.  I want to thank Mordicai for going on the stroll for me.,

After smoking a bowl I'm ready to stroll so I move Southeast from my house I land @ Sweet Animations.  A beachy type shop surrounded by sand.  Checking the place it seems more like a prop shop.  The first one I landed next to was a full classroom with chairs included for 300L.  Like a little romantic night next to a small fire with a blanket against a log?  They have a nice one here for 600L.  Or a beachy feel type wedding, comes with rug, chairs and arch with wedding couple and officiant pose 600L. Palm tree with tiki torch, boat, couch, rugs, hammock, bar w/stools, bath, fireplace & rug.  Animations to make your secondlife more realistic.

As I head west I land @ Rebel Yell Concerts looking for the action, as I stroll through the sim it is spectacular there is so much to see, snow everywhere, and cubbies to find awesome places for couples.  After dinking around and seeing quaint little cabins and bridges I come across a sky rail,  to get a birds eye view of all its beauty..  There is skiing, sledding & couples skating.

After getting lost in wonderland with my hot new friend, we got dressed to go dancing after landing at Foxxies.  At the landing there is a balloon that takes you around the sim.  There is also a teleport board to high end fashion and jewels. Before going inside off to the left is a pretty scene where you can dance with your love one over looking the water.  Walking along I stumbled across a gazebo   Keeping walking around and there is a gorgeous place to even hold a wedding.  Walking inside there is an elegant dance floor and beautiful furniture.  As we enter the room, my gorgeous escort asks for my hand to dance.  They have lovely elegant but sexy dances in the dance ball.

After changing in the hot air balloon back in to casual clothing our next stop was west.  Landing on the edge of a land looking over a lake with lanterns representing lost ones of breast cancer.  It seems as if this land is for Breast Cancer, its a beautiful place, and if you lose a love on to cancer you can set a lantern out for them.

After adding my own laterern at Garden Absentia we move south to The Chapter Four.  A monthly shopping event. Open every 4th day of the month for 3 weeks.  There are 4 difffent kind of sales, one in each room:  Gacha Room, Buy 1 for 2 Room, Half Price Room, & Under 100L Room.

Again Merry Christmas all, sorry I'm a bit late, been enjoying the strolls so much lately.  Come back for tomorrow.

~ JL

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Adventure 8

Welcome to Adventure 8 of Julya's Stoner Stroll. Tonight will be a little different form the usual stroll, please, let me explain for you the reader. First off, I am not stoned, I have been drinking beer, and second, the biggest difference in tonight’s stroll is, I am not Julya. This is Mordicai, Julya’s new friend. Julya has a prior Christmas commitment tonight and I have consumed all of her time tonight so I volunteered to stroll for her and you.

After spending the past 5+ hours with Julya, she left me specific directions to stroll. We are starting out at a previous location that Julya had discovered in Adventure 6. Her first directional instruction is southeast, so without further ado here we go.


The first place I land is a RP location called “Woods College Home of the Famous Beavers. After reading the rules and finding it is not Para-RP but quick witted fun RP, I said, I am game. I tried to join the group as the rules required it, there is an L$25 fee to join the group but no pay button. There are several roles setup in two categories to which you can choose to play. There are the Students, then the Staff, each with multiple fun roles with in. I would have picked the Student Stoner had I been able to join.

Here at Woods you can find the typical things you would at any college. There is a Gymnasium for Basket Ball and other student events. A Student Center that has a Cards Against Humanity game ( A great game to play if you have not yet, and free on Market Place), Computer Lab, Class Rooms for those who thirst knowledge you can only learn in College, Library with an extensive collection of books, Soccer Field, Nude Beach ( they never had one of them when I went to UCSC ), Fraternity Home, and a Sorority Home. I went for a panty raid while I was there.

During my visit there were no Students nor Staff on campus, I figure it is due to everyone being on winter break. Come and visit, looks like it could be a fun RP time. Go Beavers! And remember, a clean beaver always finds more wood.

Heading direct north as that was my next instruction set I stumble upon yet another RP location called “City of Lost Angeles”. This is a Dark RP/Combat/Sex sim where you can come and live a character life that's not all shiny and happy and new. Again yet another free form RP SIM to enjoy. Caming about the place it looks as if there are 14 SIMS all connected for your RP enjoyment. They have Race Groups, Faction Groups or you can be your own man in this place. After reading the extensive rules and violations note card, it is off to explore and maybe a bit of RP.

Making my way up out of the subway system, I run into what appear to be a couple of ladies of the night, not getting distracted from my mission, I head to the nearest corner, there I find the most gruesome scene, three severed heads on a board, mounted to a street sign, could this not be a good neighborhood to be wandering in? Sure, what not, it is SL, if I die, I just relog and I am back. At the intersection I try and decide which way to turn, I choose that of my beliefs and turn left. The surrounding are that of a semi post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Walking the blocks, one looking pretty much as the last to me, I decide to make a right at the next hooker on the corner, I pas a few players, they seem to be AFK or something as they don’t say a word to me as I pause while passing them, I pass an open fence where I come face to face with a Ninja Neko, on down the block through the fog I discover a prim Linden hanging by the neck from a street lamp. I end this leg of my adventure tonight at a Boxing Arena that appears to have cage matches.

Very well put together SIM, High Quality builds and environment, nice wind light effects going on here, come and check it out if you are into a more darker RP, I even seen that they have an OOC RP Classes available for those interested in learning the art of RP.

On to the southwest I reach a place called Garden Love, This appears to be a European based sim that is a Lovers Garden theme, lots of places to hide and cuddle, I see a few Garden Gnomes and Peacocks running about during my visit. A large board with many locations to teleport about the SIM. Plenty of lakes and shore lines abound. This is a non sex, non-nudity sim. Great for a clean wholesome romantic day out with your special loved one.

Heading east we hit Sun Sky Dirty Holiday Resort, this also is an adult based RP sim. From the landing point I pass Check Point Charlie, take a Stoner Stroll down a short winding road into the town where I run into what looks like the centerpiece of the town, a club called “Girls Girls Girls”. Next door to “Girls Girls Girls” there is a medical clinic, I can only assume it is there for any Venereal Disease emergency you may have. There were several ladies about the SIM talking non-English amongst each other, possibly German. There is a well a Motel with plenty of sex beds, I clicked on one to review the menu, I may be looking for someone to join me one day for a test run “Wink”

My last direction assigned is north. Here I end up at a location called Rock A Baby Daddy Dom & Babygirl Sim, they claim NO CHILD AVI’s but when they dress Lolita and are sucking on pacifiers there is a really gray line there. There is a room with a L$ cash prize up for grabs, plenty of shops with nice quality goods for sale, an arcade with Skee Ball and other fun stuff, a cinema running movies, the current movie is “A Christmas Story”, I also stumbled across a private lounge for Daddies Only, yet Babygirls are allowed in, only if escorted, a bit contradictory if you ask me.

Well enough for tonight, I had a great time and experience doing this task for Julya tonight, I hope that you have enjoyed the adventure as well.

I hope that each and every one of you has a Happy Holiday! Be Safe.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Adventure 7

Calling my bestie up again, Charity, after chatting up about the new gift that Curio has put out for the holiday's in there scribo, you can see it on my blog Yer Mawm! and yucking it up about going nude this time, she says I'd have to change it to  Julya's Nudetastic Adventure if I did that, she directs me Southwest for adventure.

The first place I land on is Outlaw Country.  As I land there is an awesome bonfire outside.  It looks awesome with the midnight setting.  Outside there is also a mud ring,  riding bull which I made second place & a shooting range.  This place is fun & I haven't even made it inside yet. Almost making it into the building they put out ridable horsies to distract me.  Then I ran into a hot guy, yet another distraction, after talking with him for a hour or better I brought him along with the rest of my adventure.  This place is very friendly, and has trivia.

So I take my new found hottie Mordicai with me as we travel Northwest, we land on Club Deranged Family BDSM Hang out, it has a nice tree which couples can swing on, and look over a gorgeous waterfall.  It looks like they are starting up a strip mall here.

Going south from the last location we land at Caledon Oxbridge Fencing.  As I first land on the sim a carriage carried by horse goes by, snow outside, it would be very romantic for a couple.  Walking into the nearest building its a large room where there is fencing equipment.  You can also fence here and get your name on the wall.

Dropping out of the sky our next destination takes us to Taox Tattoo Shop.  Greeted by elves and a coffee stand.  There is a hunt going on here called "Feel My Sack Hunt". Walking around the building is HUGE. They have every applier you can think of here.  Tattooes are done for all kind of locations.  Wether your looking for back, chest, arms, legs, feet, hands or neck they have it all.

After saying goodnight to my new travel partner, I head west to the Olds AFB.  Walking around looking in the hangers helicopters, planes, and jets.  There is a watchtower and run way as well.  As I move around the land, there is a hummer and tank out if your looking for places to do military clothing.  There is even a hanger full of cots & a pool table.

Come back tomorrow to see what adventure awaits on Christmas Eve..

~ JL

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adventure 6

I went to a Christmas party with my bestie, CharityTrinity, the owner of Pink Candy & ChazNook,  last night and wanted to be my muse for the day so I called up and asked her what location to go in as I was sitting at Hot Fuss/Rebellion.  Going north I landed on a beach called Fetish Life, gorgeous beach, with a gazbo.  Inside th gazbo is a stripper pole, freelance stripping. Moving past that, is a swimming pool with games.  Or relax on the floaties.  If you travel forward you will find a greedy table.  And there is an awesome treehouse, with a kick ass elevator.

Update: After speaking with the land owner she informed me that I missed the best part, so I went back and did some more wandering.  If you click on the disk next to the melting snow man it will take you to a beautiful wonderland, a fantastic place to take winter pictures.  Walking down the trail you come across this huge mansion which is open to the public.  You can waste major time just going through each room, it has everything, and great place to take more pictures. There is an elegant dungeon & theater room to cuddle up and watch a movie with your loved one.

After checking out all the nifty things that the Fetish Life had to offer.  The next direction is West, landing at Yummy Inc Shopping Plaza.  As I was roaming around the land I see that my sister Tori owner of Tori's Stylez has a shop here.  Next door is a Bowling Alley & Arcade.  Such games like ParSix, P4cheesi, Blitz, Snakes and Ladders,  Skippo, Cards Against Humanity, Pentadee, U-Know, Greedy and of course Bowling.  Outside they have a small park for children, see-saw, Merry Go Round, Monkey Bars, Jungle Gym, slides, swings, and sandbox.  A perfect place for a family play day.  You can even take pictures of you and your children next to Frozen characters.

Well CT told me to go east and when I did I landed in someones house so I tp'd out as soon as I could and landed on Diesel Works Pose & Animations.  This pose stop is different then most, its covered with props and poses.  They also have single & couple poses.

After playing around on the poses at Diesel Works I head south to Showgirls.  I was greeted by a nice lady by the name of $weetne$$, shaking her tail feathers, and she was kind enough to chat with me about the place.  Showgirls is a voice escort strip club.  They have dancing, sploder, No Devil.  Hotel rooms are also available for privacy. Next door is the Showgirls Mansion, a very well done mansion set up made for only Elite & Staff.  What do you get for being an Elite member?  You get a 100L discount on them losing their clothes. Access to the fantastic mansion, special events & exotic voice readings.

After my adventure @ Showgirls I go Northeast to OD Designs.  The focus on well designed band equipment.  From rock bands to big bands they have it all here.  Guitars, pianos, tubas, keyboards anything you need to have your won concert.  They come with animations too.  Want your guitar to start on fire, yeah they have that too.  As I walk around I see that they have a custom shop, sit down and build a guitar from the ground up.

And that concludes my adventure for the day, sorry its late, but come back tomorrow to see what SL has to offer.

~ JL

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Adventure 5

My first place of the day is Billionaire Motors.  A showroom of gorgeous cars whether you like older cars '68 SS to the 2015 S 7.  Where might we drive these gorgeous vehicles you might ask.  Well take the teleport to the ground, where there is a race track to drive these beauties.

After checking out all the hawt cars I travel WAY north to the land of Vydarr Vanguards they have have a long list of weapon makers allowed on the sim, so if you have weapons made by Anyon, Alika Sao, Cernus, GTS, LR, Luxory, Jara, Markz, Myst, PFC, Scorpion, or VF this place for you.  Also some hot people have put themselves up for auction as you hit the landing.  If your looking for a new Gor RP check this out.

My travels take me far West to the Blue Diamond Motel & Hotspot.  As I land there is a camping trailer converted into a cinema, which you can also watch Youtube here. As I was checking out the land, I met a nice guy lets call him RM.  I chatted with him throughout my stay, just shooting the breeze. There is 4 room motel that is fully furnished. Across the street is a small stage for stripping and upstairs is a pool table.  There's even a pool if your missing the sun and want to get away from the snow. Exploring the sim, there is a relaxing spa for you and yours to get back rubs. There's even a car you can get busy in.

The winds take me Northwest to Escape To Melnibone.  A gorgeous winterland.  The first building I walk into is a nice gallery with beautifully made pictures.  It has 3 frames but with rotating pictures.  The next building as an limited items for purchase, hair from Exile, pets, clothing, furniture, Gor clothing,  horns, doll avi, hairband, & door mats.  Going to the next building there is a teleport that will take you to several different locations, dancing, a tree house and freelance photo shop.  Speaking of photos, they are having a Christmas photo contest, its up to over 5k right now, but it seems to be one of those growing ones as you pay 5L to vote for someone.  Joining the contest is free though.

Ending my day, I got myself stuck in a Kangaroo Glue Trap. The place is called Gloodood Industries World Headquarters, a labatory which they create the Kangaroo Glue Traps.  The warehouse is one big maze you can get lost in with interesting places for pictures if you're looking for a lab or maybe even a office setting.  The traps are 899L.

Well as I work my way out of this glue trap, hopefully I'll be unstuck before tomorrows adventure.  Have a great night =)

~ JL

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adventure 4

So I picked my sister & partner in our shop Shame Me Designs, also my 2 other blogs Yer Mawm & My Haters Motivate Me to be my muse.  So I packed up and headed north.  I landed upon Area Rock. Today's live concert is Queen.  It starts at 4pm SLT.

After enjoying a few tunes I travel east and land in this gorgeous land named Atakapa Gay Jungle. A role play sim.  Unfortunately, no girls are allowed, hoping I don't get detected.  I run through to check out the awesome creation before I was caught by the owner a nice gentleman by the name of Brandon.  All men are welcome.  NO Girls, ONLY Boys!

Leaving the gorgeous jungle, I land at the Mystic Haunted Xmas Island.  Before walking through the land, you're greeted with an "Enter If You Dare" sign.  And a free shotgun.  I thought I would go through it without a shot gun, it was quite a mistake.  As I was traveling through the land, I was being followed by a few evil snowmen, rats, bats, and even Chucky & Tiffany.  If you're into the scary Christmas this place is for you.  It is definitely awesome.

Heading west, the next destination takes me to Club Industry.  There is about a half hour left of the set.  Playing great industrial music.  The people there are super friendly.  That's why I do this blog to meet awesome people on my travels.  People that inspire me, me like Monkey Mind.  He's a fighter like I am.  Keep your head up buddy!

After saying goodbye to my new friends @ Club Industry.  I end todays travel at Lagoona Beach & Dance Club.  First I was approached by a very nice guy wearing a speedo.  That should have been my first clue as to that he was new hehe.  After speaking with him for a few moments, I went past some great store outlets, and found the dance floor, dresses for festivies.  And had my type of rock music. They had spin the bottle, and even a 5K no lose sploder.  But you have to be a member.  They have strict rules about not afking while in the sploder, its just not fair.  They have Dj's on Friday from 5-7pm and Saturdays from 4-6pm.