Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adventure 4

So I picked my sister & partner in our shop Shame Me Designs, also my 2 other blogs Yer Mawm & My Haters Motivate Me to be my muse.  So I packed up and headed north.  I landed upon Area Rock. Today's live concert is Queen.  It starts at 4pm SLT.

After enjoying a few tunes I travel east and land in this gorgeous land named Atakapa Gay Jungle. A role play sim.  Unfortunately, no girls are allowed, hoping I don't get detected.  I run through to check out the awesome creation before I was caught by the owner a nice gentleman by the name of Brandon.  All men are welcome.  NO Girls, ONLY Boys!

Leaving the gorgeous jungle, I land at the Mystic Haunted Xmas Island.  Before walking through the land, you're greeted with an "Enter If You Dare" sign.  And a free shotgun.  I thought I would go through it without a shot gun, it was quite a mistake.  As I was traveling through the land, I was being followed by a few evil snowmen, rats, bats, and even Chucky & Tiffany.  If you're into the scary Christmas this place is for you.  It is definitely awesome.

Heading west, the next destination takes me to Club Industry.  There is about a half hour left of the set.  Playing great industrial music.  The people there are super friendly.  That's why I do this blog to meet awesome people on my travels.  People that inspire me, me like Monkey Mind.  He's a fighter like I am.  Keep your head up buddy!

After saying goodbye to my new friends @ Club Industry.  I end todays travel at Lagoona Beach & Dance Club.  First I was approached by a very nice guy wearing a speedo.  That should have been my first clue as to that he was new hehe.  After speaking with him for a few moments, I went past some great store outlets, and found the dance floor, dresses for festivies.  And had my type of rock music. They had spin the bottle, and even a 5K no lose sploder.  But you have to be a member.  They have strict rules about not afking while in the sploder, its just not fair.  They have Dj's on Friday from 5-7pm and Saturdays from 4-6pm.

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