Sunday, December 21, 2014

Adventure 5

My first place of the day is Billionaire Motors.  A showroom of gorgeous cars whether you like older cars '68 SS to the 2015 S 7.  Where might we drive these gorgeous vehicles you might ask.  Well take the teleport to the ground, where there is a race track to drive these beauties.

After checking out all the hawt cars I travel WAY north to the land of Vydarr Vanguards they have have a long list of weapon makers allowed on the sim, so if you have weapons made by Anyon, Alika Sao, Cernus, GTS, LR, Luxory, Jara, Markz, Myst, PFC, Scorpion, or VF this place for you.  Also some hot people have put themselves up for auction as you hit the landing.  If your looking for a new Gor RP check this out.

My travels take me far West to the Blue Diamond Motel & Hotspot.  As I land there is a camping trailer converted into a cinema, which you can also watch Youtube here. As I was checking out the land, I met a nice guy lets call him RM.  I chatted with him throughout my stay, just shooting the breeze. There is 4 room motel that is fully furnished. Across the street is a small stage for stripping and upstairs is a pool table.  There's even a pool if your missing the sun and want to get away from the snow. Exploring the sim, there is a relaxing spa for you and yours to get back rubs. There's even a car you can get busy in.

The winds take me Northwest to Escape To Melnibone.  A gorgeous winterland.  The first building I walk into is a nice gallery with beautifully made pictures.  It has 3 frames but with rotating pictures.  The next building as an limited items for purchase, hair from Exile, pets, clothing, furniture, Gor clothing,  horns, doll avi, hairband, & door mats.  Going to the next building there is a teleport that will take you to several different locations, dancing, a tree house and freelance photo shop.  Speaking of photos, they are having a Christmas photo contest, its up to over 5k right now, but it seems to be one of those growing ones as you pay 5L to vote for someone.  Joining the contest is free though.

Ending my day, I got myself stuck in a Kangaroo Glue Trap. The place is called Gloodood Industries World Headquarters, a labatory which they create the Kangaroo Glue Traps.  The warehouse is one big maze you can get lost in with interesting places for pictures if you're looking for a lab or maybe even a office setting.  The traps are 899L.

Well as I work my way out of this glue trap, hopefully I'll be unstuck before tomorrows adventure.  Have a great night =)

~ JL

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