Monday, December 29, 2014

Adventure 12

So I'm still at my friend house for a small vacation so I asked my sister Mysterious if she wanted to be my travel buddy.  So she's the one giving me the directions today.  This is gonna be fun since were both baked out our minds.  As we were chatting, he discussed starting a lag rating for each sim.  So we will start a lag rating from 1 to 5. 1 being lag free to 5 crash from lag. If we experience major lag will let let you know.  Since our computers are new and have awesome graphic cards.

So we dress up and head East, landing on Sex School.  The exterior looks like a boarding school. You must be 18+ to enter however.  Walking to the building going straight is a library with stripper poles. Off to the left there is a bathroom with some poses in it.  When you make it to the classrooms you can use the desks as they have animation in them for sitting or even sex.  As we wander through the rooms, we got a peek show, caught a couple getting down.  There's even a basketball court on the top floor.

** Sim Lag Rating 4

After checking out the interesting things of Sex School we head North to Magic Avi Shapes.  Their shapes look more of the teen size variety.  Shape only, mod and copy but not transfer.  And style card is enclosed.  They have a free gift out of a shape that is cop no mod or transfer along with cut off shorts with fringe.  And they are participating in the Peace On Earth hunt till the 6th of January.

** Sim Lag Rating 2

Leaving the shape store we head West, landing in a gothic land called Damned Divine Homeland.  It starts out, at least for us a snowy brick road the leads up to really nice waterfall. Next to the waterfall there is Cheesy and Greedy.

If you go left and go through the stone walk way you go into a cavern, which there is dancing near a waterfall.

Moving on there are couches that have different real life scenarios, for fun picture taking.  There are also bear rugs which have lots of animations from singles, cuddling and getting down.

Leaving the cavern I head too the huge building to see what's inside, but before that I'm distracted by the information board.  Apparently there is a Damned Divine Holiday Xmas Bug Fair going on till January 12th although I'm not sure what it is.  Seems as if this land is owned by vampires and this is a clan land.  They have some events going on and music once a day.

Right in the doorway before we making it into the big building they have Bloodlines Lumen & Blood Alter.  It seems as this is a place you can rent a room in if you are into the gothic type of life.  You get 200 prims for 100L.

This place is so huge it would take 2 hours to explore it properly.

** Sim Lag Rating 3

After enjoying ourselves @ Damned Divine we head south to Club Laniakea.  A club that is on the top deck of a yacht.
On the deck below there are games to play like Greedy, On the Roll, Cards Against Humanity & Simopolis.

Going a deck down below that is a bunch of children toys, sea saw, slides, and crawling wall.  The bottom deck as a theater.  After speaking to the manager he told me that there is a mall up in the skin which I went and took a look at. As I walk through the mall I run into a store called Life.  They sell a hud which makes your SL more life like.  Tells you when your hungry, thirsty, or tired.  You can purchase food and other items the correlate to the hud.  There is also a playground for the children to play.  This place is family friendly.

** Sim Lag Rating 2

After speaking with the nice people at Club Laniakea we travel Northeast.  Landing in AvaDate & Pool Area.  This place is not for those looking for escorts.  But for those of you that are looking to truly enjoy the side of romance would like to have an second life mater and looking for singles, this place is a paid membership private group dating service.  Membership fee is 500L which allows you to browse through the profiles of other singles that are looking for new friends and a little romance.  Just fill out a short personal profile of what your like & what your looking for.  There is even another membership here called Alternative Lifestyles if you are looking for specific type of people Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Goth, Furries, Neko, Role Players, Fantasy, Master, Slave or Mistress.  Although the sim is small, its made up very nice, where they have a few places where you can bring your new friend and get to know them if you don't want to take them to your hang outs just yet.  There is a dance in the sign up place, see how compatible you are while your dancing.

** Sim Lag Rating 2


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