Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adventure 3

Nightclub Magnet a car jock kinda bar, playing trance music. It's a Russian owned company.  There is also 8 different vehicles that are free for the taking.  The land is grungy and good for Urban blogging.

My travels I go north and land on Poudre Skins.  They offer several kinds of appliers for their store. Tangos, Lush, Banned, Phat Azz, Loud Mouth, Baby Bump, Slink Hand & Feet, Physique, WowMeh, Lena Body, The Mesh Project.  They have a gift out for group members (Group is free).  Check out the free gift on my freebies blog Yer Mawm!

Stopping to take time to get into Christmas spirit, I put on my favorite Xmas out fit, and stroll out west to so search for adventure.  I came across a really pretty club that is very classy.  Feeling a bit under dressed for the occasion.  Playing some original Christmas songs, and friendly environment.

Headed south with my sack on my shoulder, I come across a snowy sim, greeting by some friendly residents.  First I thought I stumbled upon a private land until I met the owner, Crys, of Realm of the Phoenix.  She was very sweet and the whole group accepted me with open arms.

Realm of the Phoenix is home to the Bloodline Clan, Kingdom of Phoenix Risen. Crys being their Queen.  They also have Kittycats for sale & Bloodline vendors available.  They even have a ice rink. Grab them ice skates and busta move.

And for the last location for the day, I land in a gorgeous English garden, with a pretty fountain in the middle, to the right of it is K&L Fashion.  They have 5 Luck Chairs. 4 camping chairs (Group only, free), Slap & Dash, even a 30 days & under gift certificate.

See ya tomorrow... 6 Days to Christmas!

~ JL


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