Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adventure 6

I went to a Christmas party with my bestie, CharityTrinity, the owner of Pink Candy & ChazNook,  last night and wanted to be my muse for the day so I called up and asked her what location to go in as I was sitting at Hot Fuss/Rebellion.  Going north I landed on a beach called Fetish Life, gorgeous beach, with a gazbo.  Inside th gazbo is a stripper pole, freelance stripping. Moving past that, is a swimming pool with games.  Or relax on the floaties.  If you travel forward you will find a greedy table.  And there is an awesome treehouse, with a kick ass elevator.

Update: After speaking with the land owner she informed me that I missed the best part, so I went back and did some more wandering.  If you click on the disk next to the melting snow man it will take you to a beautiful wonderland, a fantastic place to take winter pictures.  Walking down the trail you come across this huge mansion which is open to the public.  You can waste major time just going through each room, it has everything, and great place to take more pictures. There is an elegant dungeon & theater room to cuddle up and watch a movie with your loved one.

After checking out all the nifty things that the Fetish Life had to offer.  The next direction is West, landing at Yummy Inc Shopping Plaza.  As I was roaming around the land I see that my sister Tori owner of Tori's Stylez has a shop here.  Next door is a Bowling Alley & Arcade.  Such games like ParSix, P4cheesi, Blitz, Snakes and Ladders,  Skippo, Cards Against Humanity, Pentadee, U-Know, Greedy and of course Bowling.  Outside they have a small park for children, see-saw, Merry Go Round, Monkey Bars, Jungle Gym, slides, swings, and sandbox.  A perfect place for a family play day.  You can even take pictures of you and your children next to Frozen characters.

Well CT told me to go east and when I did I landed in someones house so I tp'd out as soon as I could and landed on Diesel Works Pose & Animations.  This pose stop is different then most, its covered with props and poses.  They also have single & couple poses.

After playing around on the poses at Diesel Works I head south to Showgirls.  I was greeted by a nice lady by the name of $weetne$$, shaking her tail feathers, and she was kind enough to chat with me about the place.  Showgirls is a voice escort strip club.  They have dancing, sploder, No Devil.  Hotel rooms are also available for privacy. Next door is the Showgirls Mansion, a very well done mansion set up made for only Elite & Staff.  What do you get for being an Elite member?  You get a 100L discount on them losing their clothes. Access to the fantastic mansion, special events & exotic voice readings.

After my adventure @ Showgirls I go Northeast to OD Designs.  The focus on well designed band equipment.  From rock bands to big bands they have it all here.  Guitars, pianos, tubas, keyboards anything you need to have your won concert.  They come with animations too.  Want your guitar to start on fire, yeah they have that too.  As I walk around I see that they have a custom shop, sit down and build a guitar from the ground up.

And that concludes my adventure for the day, sorry its late, but come back tomorrow to see what SL has to offer.

~ JL

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