Saturday, December 27, 2014

Adventure 10

As I am on vacation, I was unable to do last nights due to travel, but I got some time to do my adventure today I hope that you enjoy it.

I happen to be at a fellow residents house in RL, and he is going to be my muse for the day.  So Hans told me to go north from Vitamens ( where I was checking out the hot guy undie.

I landed in yet another beautiful wonderland, called Seven Sins.  Heading up the stairs I run into a Santa clause.  And he has a gift there for you. Continuing up the stairs,  Passing the stairs I come to a snowy tree arch, in the trail there is a fork in the road, I can either go to the farm or HTE, since I don't know what HTE is I think I'll go there first.  Entering the building I come to a forge, There is a stage for dancers and off to the left there is a corridor of SL art on the walls.  Going through the door it leads you up outside the building to a door that brings you to the upstairs with more erotic art.  Going back outside and heading back to the fork in the road, I go to check out the farm, its a gorgeous farm to rent, 700L a week and you get 30 sims, but its fully furnished.

If you move around and find a waterfall, you can go inside it and travel through the tunnels to find torture chambers.

After enjoying going through the tunnels of Seven Sins I land on Edge End.  A rp sim.  It seems as if it is a French speaking place.  As much as I can tell, sorry in advance my French is not that good.  It's a post apocalyptic setting.  Not dressed for the occasion I was unable continue.

Update:  After speaking with the owner I realized I was wrong so I would like correct the description. It actually takes place in 2014.  But unlike ours its an imaginative world.  There is no dress code,  and offer role play to all.

Heading Northwest its time to hit Easy Street.  Landing in the front of a hall of stores you move around to a building where you can go to the theater to watch porn or go to the right of the building a strip club with naughty pictures up.  There is a fenced of nice part of grass.  With a teleport to Cougar Lounge.

Going south I land on Paradise Sex Beach.  Heading left to Paradise Swim Beach,  there's some lounge chairs & floaties.  Nudity one the beach.  The beach has a bar, for a romantic time.  Yet another place with to take pretty pictures.  You must be at least 18 to enter the place.  There is so much to explore.  I felt a little out of place being clothed.  Before someone tells me to take off my clothes I move to the next destination.

As Hans passes me another bowl he tells me to end my adventures in the far east..  Landing @ Tradewinds Yacht Club.  As I walk down the docks of the Yacht club there are rent boxes so you can dock your yachts here.  Walking around I ran into a lighthouse, a pub and a dock in the middle with backgammon & chess, and a 7 Seas fishing game gear vendor.

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