Friday, December 26, 2014

Adventure 9

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope that you all enjoyed your families, friends, dinner & presents.  I took the day off yesterday & spent some time with Mordicai, then went to Christmas mass.  I want to thank Mordicai for going on the stroll for me.,

After smoking a bowl I'm ready to stroll so I move Southeast from my house I land @ Sweet Animations.  A beachy type shop surrounded by sand.  Checking the place it seems more like a prop shop.  The first one I landed next to was a full classroom with chairs included for 300L.  Like a little romantic night next to a small fire with a blanket against a log?  They have a nice one here for 600L.  Or a beachy feel type wedding, comes with rug, chairs and arch with wedding couple and officiant pose 600L. Palm tree with tiki torch, boat, couch, rugs, hammock, bar w/stools, bath, fireplace & rug.  Animations to make your secondlife more realistic.

As I head west I land @ Rebel Yell Concerts looking for the action, as I stroll through the sim it is spectacular there is so much to see, snow everywhere, and cubbies to find awesome places for couples.  After dinking around and seeing quaint little cabins and bridges I come across a sky rail,  to get a birds eye view of all its beauty..  There is skiing, sledding & couples skating.

After getting lost in wonderland with my hot new friend, we got dressed to go dancing after landing at Foxxies.  At the landing there is a balloon that takes you around the sim.  There is also a teleport board to high end fashion and jewels. Before going inside off to the left is a pretty scene where you can dance with your love one over looking the water.  Walking along I stumbled across a gazebo   Keeping walking around and there is a gorgeous place to even hold a wedding.  Walking inside there is an elegant dance floor and beautiful furniture.  As we enter the room, my gorgeous escort asks for my hand to dance.  They have lovely elegant but sexy dances in the dance ball.

After changing in the hot air balloon back in to casual clothing our next stop was west.  Landing on the edge of a land looking over a lake with lanterns representing lost ones of breast cancer.  It seems as if this land is for Breast Cancer, its a beautiful place, and if you lose a love on to cancer you can set a lantern out for them.

After adding my own laterern at Garden Absentia we move south to The Chapter Four.  A monthly shopping event. Open every 4th day of the month for 3 weeks.  There are 4 difffent kind of sales, one in each room:  Gacha Room, Buy 1 for 2 Room, Half Price Room, & Under 100L Room.

Again Merry Christmas all, sorry I'm a bit late, been enjoying the strolls so much lately.  Come back for tomorrow.

~ JL

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