Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Birth of Julya's Stoner Stroll

So I've been sitting here kinda getting bored of SL. Never really thought I'd say that.  But I've been thinking here I am coming up on my 8th year here pretty soon & I've done a LOT of stuff.  I've modeled, stripped/escorted at Escort Oasis, managed a mall Chest Treasures, owned a marketing company Shameless Promotions, ran a discount room Total Anarchy, and own a store Shame Me Designs.  Blogged for Yer Mawm at freebies blog, My Haters Motivate Me fashion blog.  And recently developed a new marketing tool called Discount Roulette.

So I've decided to go on an adventure one night as I was stoned.  I thought hey this might be a nifty thing to do.  Hop from land to land to see where I end up at and blog about it.  This way it gives random sims exposure they may not have.  And you never know who I'd meet.  So this is the birth of Julya's Stoner Stroll.   I will be showcasing 5 of my hops a day.  Could be clothing stores, clubs, property, you never know.  Just remember to check in every day to see where I land.

~ JL

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