Thursday, December 25, 2014

Adventure 8

Welcome to Adventure 8 of Julya's Stoner Stroll. Tonight will be a little different form the usual stroll, please, let me explain for you the reader. First off, I am not stoned, I have been drinking beer, and second, the biggest difference in tonight’s stroll is, I am not Julya. This is Mordicai, Julya’s new friend. Julya has a prior Christmas commitment tonight and I have consumed all of her time tonight so I volunteered to stroll for her and you.

After spending the past 5+ hours with Julya, she left me specific directions to stroll. We are starting out at a previous location that Julya had discovered in Adventure 6. Her first directional instruction is southeast, so without further ado here we go.


The first place I land is a RP location called “Woods College Home of the Famous Beavers. After reading the rules and finding it is not Para-RP but quick witted fun RP, I said, I am game. I tried to join the group as the rules required it, there is an L$25 fee to join the group but no pay button. There are several roles setup in two categories to which you can choose to play. There are the Students, then the Staff, each with multiple fun roles with in. I would have picked the Student Stoner had I been able to join.

Here at Woods you can find the typical things you would at any college. There is a Gymnasium for Basket Ball and other student events. A Student Center that has a Cards Against Humanity game ( A great game to play if you have not yet, and free on Market Place), Computer Lab, Class Rooms for those who thirst knowledge you can only learn in College, Library with an extensive collection of books, Soccer Field, Nude Beach ( they never had one of them when I went to UCSC ), Fraternity Home, and a Sorority Home. I went for a panty raid while I was there.

During my visit there were no Students nor Staff on campus, I figure it is due to everyone being on winter break. Come and visit, looks like it could be a fun RP time. Go Beavers! And remember, a clean beaver always finds more wood.

Heading direct north as that was my next instruction set I stumble upon yet another RP location called “City of Lost Angeles”. This is a Dark RP/Combat/Sex sim where you can come and live a character life that's not all shiny and happy and new. Again yet another free form RP SIM to enjoy. Caming about the place it looks as if there are 14 SIMS all connected for your RP enjoyment. They have Race Groups, Faction Groups or you can be your own man in this place. After reading the extensive rules and violations note card, it is off to explore and maybe a bit of RP.

Making my way up out of the subway system, I run into what appear to be a couple of ladies of the night, not getting distracted from my mission, I head to the nearest corner, there I find the most gruesome scene, three severed heads on a board, mounted to a street sign, could this not be a good neighborhood to be wandering in? Sure, what not, it is SL, if I die, I just relog and I am back. At the intersection I try and decide which way to turn, I choose that of my beliefs and turn left. The surrounding are that of a semi post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Walking the blocks, one looking pretty much as the last to me, I decide to make a right at the next hooker on the corner, I pas a few players, they seem to be AFK or something as they don’t say a word to me as I pause while passing them, I pass an open fence where I come face to face with a Ninja Neko, on down the block through the fog I discover a prim Linden hanging by the neck from a street lamp. I end this leg of my adventure tonight at a Boxing Arena that appears to have cage matches.

Very well put together SIM, High Quality builds and environment, nice wind light effects going on here, come and check it out if you are into a more darker RP, I even seen that they have an OOC RP Classes available for those interested in learning the art of RP.

On to the southwest I reach a place called Garden Love, This appears to be a European based sim that is a Lovers Garden theme, lots of places to hide and cuddle, I see a few Garden Gnomes and Peacocks running about during my visit. A large board with many locations to teleport about the SIM. Plenty of lakes and shore lines abound. This is a non sex, non-nudity sim. Great for a clean wholesome romantic day out with your special loved one.

Heading east we hit Sun Sky Dirty Holiday Resort, this also is an adult based RP sim. From the landing point I pass Check Point Charlie, take a Stoner Stroll down a short winding road into the town where I run into what looks like the centerpiece of the town, a club called “Girls Girls Girls”. Next door to “Girls Girls Girls” there is a medical clinic, I can only assume it is there for any Venereal Disease emergency you may have. There were several ladies about the SIM talking non-English amongst each other, possibly German. There is a well a Motel with plenty of sex beds, I clicked on one to review the menu, I may be looking for someone to join me one day for a test run “Wink”

My last direction assigned is north. Here I end up at a location called Rock A Baby Daddy Dom & Babygirl Sim, they claim NO CHILD AVI’s but when they dress Lolita and are sucking on pacifiers there is a really gray line there. There is a room with a L$ cash prize up for grabs, plenty of shops with nice quality goods for sale, an arcade with Skee Ball and other fun stuff, a cinema running movies, the current movie is “A Christmas Story”, I also stumbled across a private lounge for Daddies Only, yet Babygirls are allowed in, only if escorted, a bit contradictory if you ask me.

Well enough for tonight, I had a great time and experience doing this task for Julya tonight, I hope that you have enjoyed the adventure as well.

I hope that each and every one of you has a Happy Holiday! Be Safe.


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