Monday, December 29, 2014

Adventure 11

Calling my best gal pal, Pix, owner of Pixystix (she has gifts under her tree still) again to give me directions.  She directs me to go Southeast I land on Bloodlines East.  You come to a map, giving you a chance to teleprot around the sim to check out the different stores.  There are different locations that are not stores for RP.  The shops contain different items that help you through the role play.  Huds, weapons, blood banks.  If you're into vampires stuff you might want to check it out.  If you walk around you will find a blood bar.

Going Northeast landing at Red Light District were freelance escorts dance for you and entertain your every way as you shop.  There are shops that are just set up like restaurants the sim is set up like the streets of Amsterdam.  As you walk around you can find green buttons that teleport you to dirt cheap rooms to take your lover.  Also there are ad boards to promote escort entertainers from 1 to 4L.

Landing on Romantic Paradise, as I came from the Southeast, completely opposite from the last location.  A place to come bring your loved one for a private moment, not built for exotic but romantic time.  Following around the sim you come up to different cabins and ways to cuddle and creative magic moments.  Also a beautiful sim to take pictures in.

Heading south Zombie's call so I strap up and go kill me some zombies at Miho's Zombie Attack. You can purchase your guns here to mow the Z's down. They have guns, knives, bow, & swords. Coming soon Zombie Tiki Village.  They have a "Most Kills" contest starts new very Sunday @ 6pm.  Weekly total prizes of 1500L are divide between the top 5 on the score board.  50L bonuses will be given out if you have "Miho's Zombie Attack" in their profile picks.

My last direction went south.  Landing on Creation VIP. Creations Vip as many things for sale, clothing for men and women, shoes, skins,  Also come for the group gifts. They are involved with Top Secret Finds For Men, The Stores & Creators, and SL Frees & Sales.  They are participating in hunts also.Silent Night, Santa's Slay, Rock Xmas, Feel My Sack, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, they all end at the end of December so you do not have much time.  The store also has lucky boards where you can get free outfits.

See you tomorrow ya'll!

~ JL

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