Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Adventure 13

Fully baked and ready to stroll.  Grabbing my travel partner Mysterious to go on another adventure after we slap the MM boards @  Custom Inkz, we flying across the map we touch down at Leather and Lace DSM Community and Slave Auction.

As you walk forward you come to what I thought was a dance floor but there are tons of Auction boards, where you can bid on spending time with someone that is right up your alley, boys seeking owners, girls seeking masters, Girls seeking masters, girls seeking owners, girls seeking mistresses, owner's seeking subs.

A few games are around, Greedy, HaxWorx & Cards Against Humanity.  Along with a 1000L Raffle Board.

Walking past the auction boards there are 2 photo booths for taking your own pictues.  They also have 7 Seas Fishing game.  There is a dock where you can pull your boat up and enjoy the land.  And for the ones looking for on there is an Avatar Script Memory Monitor.

Moving more around the sim I found an outdoor dance club, all dressed up for New Years. A swimming pool off to the side with a bar in the water.

** Lag Rating: 3

Moving Northwest, after talking to some lovely ladies there at the Auction house we land on Felicity.  A large store focusing on shoes, furniture & garden items.

The shoes are partial mesh, comes with skin & toenail hud.  You have 24 colors or heel colors to choose from.

 There is a group gift out, although the group cost 50L.  There are 4 of them actually, these heels are very high quality.  It's well worth the group price.  Off to the side is the discount room.  Quality shoes for a decent price.

Moving through the rooms of the store the next we come upon is a jewelry section, lovely jewelry with texture change.

The next room is a clothing section.  They have clothing for both men and women.  There are 2 lucky chairs out so take your chances.

Cutting across the courtyard a sign says Doors above, when you walk in there are many doors to choose from, also turning around there are some textures there as well.

Moving forward there are rugs, flowers and elegant furniture ahead.

Going back into the courtyard, stopping to look at the fountain which is for sale.  Along with that there are hammocks, which has an original pose.

** Lag Rating: 3

Heading south we land on Valkyrie Torva Panthers.  When you land you land in the shopping area before you move towards the rp area.  If you go to the bottom of the market there is clothing for Pathers, and slaves.  If you keep walking they have a council chambers, knowledge center area & enchanted forest.

** Lag Rating: 2

Picking up and heading east landing on Redneck Reservoir.Going past a big sign saying job opening you come up on Magic Fishing, a way to earn lindens.  Moving across the bridge it looks as Mysterious as found some floaties to make her way across to the other side.  Going past the lake there is a camp ground set up, crash in a sleeping bag after wearing yourself out playing Blazen Poker, Cupidity or Zilch.  Past that there are 2 trucks on the side of the stage. Although there are people here I don't believe an event was going on.  If you go east of the lake, there is a mass collection of pets out, there is even a tiger swimming in the river.  After checking out the place we jump back on the floaties and play bumper floaties.  Meeting a fisherman as we play in the pond.

** Lag Rating: 2

For our last location we land at Trashy Whore Trailer Park.  Just the place to have for the last one.  As we land we see a man called, RumpleSmoothSkin.  Thought it was cute being that it was the first person I ran into...Anyway... They have a tailor set up as a small strip club spot, and glory hole.  Check the various trailors for different types of fun. To top it off they even have a wrestling ring in the back.  Good old fashion trashy trailer park backyard wrestling.

 This place is huge.  There's a beach, bad romance, whore house, market, biker bar, island and club.  There is a map where you can tp around the sim to find trashy fun.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until tomorrow....

~ JL


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