Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Adventure 2

So after seeing the 50th Discount Roulette being purchased today I got all excited  to do my daily stoner stroll.  If your interested in what Discount Roulette is go check it out @

Anyway, so the vibe must have been out because my muse from yesterday, People, spit out S out of no where.  So I headed south, and I landed upon the store TNT.  The first thing I lay my eyes upon is a guy sitting along on a bed naked.  Sadly a normal occurrence here in SL.  TNT is a furniture store. Which has low prim beds somewhere in the 3Kish price.    


Before People spit out South at me, I was telling my best girl, Pixy owner of PixyStix about my new blog, she told me to go SE because we both live in the states but SE of each other.  I landed upon a sim called Desideria Moon.  Here I experienced my first live concert the singers name is Orny Forcella, unfortunately it's in Italian, but it was still interesting.


Calling on People again he told me to go West.  When I dropped on the land I was amazed its so beautiful, full of winter weather and snow, feels very much like Christmas without doing it traditionally.  I stepped inside the nearest building and I stumbled upon called Amitomo Haikei.  They buildings here, even have a gacha for some school desks in it.  Even if your not in the market for a new building, the land is worth the visit.

The next hop lands me in this very active forest area called Lost Eden.  It is breathtaking.  Perfect for taking pictures or brings someone for a romantic time.  There are so many little places where you can make the time special. Or maybe meet someone new.

And for the last place I called back to People.  Bouncing from one of the most beautiful sims I've seen in almost 8 years I land on Crystal Brook Ranch.  They have all sorts of Horses, and on the landing they even have little rocking horses for sale.  Even has a horse pregnancy calculator.  I met the awesome owner there as I was wandering the land.  Found out its the family home, but they sell horses on their land and invite all to check out their place.

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