Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Adventure 7

Calling my bestie up again, Charity, after chatting up about the new gift that Curio has put out for the holiday's in there scribo, you can see it on my blog Yer Mawm! and yucking it up about going nude this time, she says I'd have to change it to  Julya's Nudetastic Adventure if I did that, she directs me Southwest for adventure.

The first place I land on is Outlaw Country.  As I land there is an awesome bonfire outside.  It looks awesome with the midnight setting.  Outside there is also a mud ring,  riding bull which I made second place & a shooting range.  This place is fun & I haven't even made it inside yet. Almost making it into the building they put out ridable horsies to distract me.  Then I ran into a hot guy, yet another distraction, after talking with him for a hour or better I brought him along with the rest of my adventure.  This place is very friendly, and has trivia.

So I take my new found hottie Mordicai with me as we travel Northwest, we land on Club Deranged Family BDSM Hang out, it has a nice tree which couples can swing on, and look over a gorgeous waterfall.  It looks like they are starting up a strip mall here.

Going south from the last location we land at Caledon Oxbridge Fencing.  As I first land on the sim a carriage carried by horse goes by, snow outside, it would be very romantic for a couple.  Walking into the nearest building its a large room where there is fencing equipment.  You can also fence here and get your name on the wall.

Dropping out of the sky our next destination takes us to Taox Tattoo Shop.  Greeted by elves and a coffee stand.  There is a hunt going on here called "Feel My Sack Hunt". Walking around the building is HUGE. They have every applier you can think of here.  Tattooes are done for all kind of locations.  Wether your looking for back, chest, arms, legs, feet, hands or neck they have it all.

After saying goodnight to my new travel partner, I head west to the Olds AFB.  Walking around looking in the hangers helicopters, planes, and jets.  There is a watchtower and run way as well.  As I move around the land, there is a hummer and tank out if your looking for places to do military clothing.  There is even a hanger full of cots & a pool table.

Come back tomorrow to see what adventure awaits on Christmas Eve..

~ JL


  1. We at Outlaw Country enjoyed your company as well Julya! Thank you for the wonderful review! We strive to welcome all types, human,animal and other-wise,with a relaxed "let's hang out" attitude!
    Merry Christmas! And please come back again!

  2. Too bad that I missed the last stop on your adventure, I would have wanted to fly that helicopter. It was a fun adventure and I thank you for the invite to ride along. The first stop was a very interesting place, maybe I will hang out there more, I will just need to get past that Patchouli smell that overwhelms the place. The second stop I do agree about the tree (hey that rhymes). The third stop I did not see any fences in that place only swords and kick ass sunglasses. The fourth stop makes me yearn for new Tattoos, they should get a "little person" there that resembles Hervé Villechaize, now that would really spice the place up.