Friday, June 12, 2015

Adventure 102

An old shop came back this week called Eluzion, the outfit I'm strolling in today is their scribo gift. The skin is from a Midnight Mania board at Double Body Factory.

My best woman Pix & I have been searching high and low for hair stores around the grid. Checking out one of the stores on her side of the list I found this nice group gift from Ramina.

Picture taken @ Silver King Grill 

Starting off going Southeast from Ramina to Pixel Perfection Production.  Before you step in there is a board to your left that tells you what hunts their involved with.  If you look to the right there's a board that mentions the events.

Stepping inside there's 4 floors of awesomeness.  You can wander around and check out all the clothing and shoes. Or you can use the teleporter on the side of the stairs.  Helps you find what you're looking for sooner.  There are 9 different sections: costumes, Casual, Lingerie, Patriotic, Roleplay, Leather/Lace, Gowns, Seasonal & Footwear.

When your checking out the clothes, make sure you read the ad to make sure it has the appliers that you're looking for.  Each item is different and offers different appliers.

First floor goodies are the dollarbies, group gifts, and weekend sales. Second, third & fourth floor has some lucky chairs.  And if you have the free group, you can use the teleport system to Group only Lucky Chairs.

** Lag Rating: 2

East takes me to Vivography Photo Studio.  A beautiful land with a building on it displaying some of her artwork.  She is able to either do the pictures on location or in the photo studio.  Singles, couples, friend and family are welcome.

Not sure what you want, talk it out with her.  She can use props and scenes to perfect your image. She'll do her best to make it exactly what you want. 2014's only Official Photographer for SL Community Celebration.  And asked to do the SL12B.

Maybe you're looking for a landscape shot for your home.  You can check out her work on Flickr.

** Lag Rating: 2

Heading North to Highway to Rock Club.  It's an outdoor dance club with many things going on.  If you're hunting down a good rock club that plays Classic, 80's, Metal  It's open 24/7 so there's always something going on.

This club is neutral ground for all bike clubs.  But don't be a dick, respect each other.  Also no bloodline bites are allowed, they will ban your ass.

They offer concerts, live singers, rez & birthday parties.  If you are interested please contact Sweetkiss Vyper via notecard.

Outside the club are shops to check out along a urban setting. They also have a teleport that takes you to a bike track with a lap timer.

**Lag Rating: 2

From dancing to some good rock to landing Southwest to Pirates Keep.  A role play sim that's very well put together.  It looks like a rustic pirate port.

You can rent one of the awesome homes on the bank.  Click the rent box for information.

Across the water from the homes is Merchant's Bank of Beek Haven.  Where you actually pay for the rental.  Just find the name your interested in and pay toe coin sack.  Also have some freebies and tells you what battles are currently going on.

Attached to the Merchants Bank of Beek Haven is a small place with food set you and where you can dine outside.  Going further down the dock there's Moor Trading, where you can find some weapons for the land.  And the Captain's Grail a waterside bar, with drinking and dancing.
Right up the hill is the Morgan's Straits Courthouse, equipped with public hangings.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Leaving the docks Northeast and landing on Island of Pain.  A BDSM community.   You are first greeted by a naked mesh slave.  The cupboard is full of information on the place.

Rules of the place no grieving, freelancing, bloodlines, and massive scripts.  If you put down something when you're done pick it up.

Some BDSM rules, no means no, child play, don't be a hater if someones into something you don't dig derender, ask to join or watch.

This sim is set up for RPing, although you do not need to participate in the RP to enjoy the place.  Don't forget to use the brackets if talking in local.

Check out the RP Introduction notecard to help you develop a character if you want to participate in the RPing.  Seek out the RP Council if you have any questions.

The sim is set up as 18TH/19TH century Europe.  This range helps you set role playing in whatever time period you want.  Avatars such as robots, dragons or aliens don't really fit the theme.

Keeping in mind with the theme, a few fetishes haven't been thought of yet.  So wearing latex suit or being a furry really isn't plausible.

Points of interest, the church, Che de Sade, La Chateu, harbour, public forum, Swirly Flogger, Asylum, stables & village.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL
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