Sunday, March 15, 2015

Adventure 61

I'm so excited, I logged on and my hottie friend Fin (My, Morgan [Criminal Minds]) tp'd me to his new photo gallery. The Soul Art Photography Studio and Gallery.

Seeing his gallery really put a fire under my ass.  So I asked my Pix, the owner of PixyStix if she could help me out to find a place because she's a genius when it comes to finding deals.  And she found a great one for me.  Thank you Stem! I'm still waiting to get the tag so I can start setting up.

Today's outfit is another one from Tameless.  Just can't get enough of the place.  I could blog it every day.  You can get this outfit  that comes with shirt, skirt (mesh), and shoes.  Which is applier friendly including slink shoes.

The hair is also from Tameless.  This cute side pony tail but shaved on the side is flipping awesome. You gotta perv it.  My Haters Motivate Me

I started off from the new location, and headed North to Gentleman's Paradise. Which landed me in this huge room, where you can find different information about the place.

Gentlemen's Paradise is another dominant gentlemen, and submissive girls combination only.  This is one of those RL & SL Lifestyle kinda places.

This place thrives on making things realistic and not just about pixel bumpin' & pose balls.  If you have ever questioned the lifestyle and wanted to get more information about it this would be a place to ask.  This is more of a community then a role play.

There are 6 things that they point out in their information card:

1.  Slave Auctions- Somewhere caring dominant men can find a fitting partner to start a relationship.

2. Gentleman's Fort- Exclusive for VIP Members only, where RLV comes into play.

3. House Slaves- If you're an unclaimed slave and looking for someone to serve you can always become a house slave.  Having a home, job and become part of the community.

4. Dom/Sub Training w/RLV Training.  Maybe I should take this lol.  I'm not much for the slave thing, but sometimes it fun to play the victim lol.

5. Maze- Which you could win 100L  Check it out in the Deserted House.

6. Collaring & Wedding Ceremonies.  Make someone yours in a special way by collaring them.

Rules to live by: 18+, no age play, don't be a douche, no flying, no weapons, Girls most have RLV relay on and only human form.

It looks like they are hiring as well.  Their looking for manager, auction staff & DJ's.

They will have a Masquerade Ball @ GP Gentleman's Fort.  VIP Members only Saturday the 14th of March.  11 am to 1pm SLT.  They will have Dare game, raffle to have a chance to win 250L every 30 minutes.  Don't miss it.

To be part of the VIP group its 500L for men, and 250L for submissive women. But subby ladies you have to pay the 500L first then contact the owner for 1/2 back.

Unfortunately since I'm not a member I can't get into the fort but I cammed in and its really pretty. I'm sure its worth the group fee.

This place is very picturesque with many places to explore. HouseSlaveManor, Training, Picnic Place Ceremony Hall, Auction House, Gentleman's Fort and even a maze.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

I took a break earlier because I was tired as hell.  Once I relogged I got the bottom half finished of the new HQ that's opening up on the 16th.  I was about to start strolling & Fin got a hold of me to do a friend pic.  It turned out great. Perv it @ Flickr.  He even put the stroll in his picks! \0/ Woot! \0/.

The next location I head East to Angelstar Manor.  This place has a great mix of light and dark.  They have lovely grounds, and a well built castle for you to roam in.

You first land in a nice dark courtyard scattered with statues & little pets.  To the right of the entrance is a cute little gothy decoration, a swing set you can have a nice conversation on.  It has 11 different poses on it, so you can cuddle your other.

This is a safezone, and it has a Bloodline Haunt outside the door as well. Along with the RP Subscriber.

Angelstar will change with the seasons to be sure to come by different times of year to see the things they do with it.

Just inside the door are items for sale, lots of them are different breedables like Meeroos, Fairies, Yumis, & Horses.

Once you get past that, there's a small sitting area, which the couches are awesome, they are Nightmare Before Christmas.  Rock on.

Upstairs there's a master room with a few chairs around for pets or slave. This place is kinda hard to say left, right, up or down.  It's set up like a jigsaw puzzle.  Pretty nifty.  One of the other rooms has a big table so if you have a large gothic family it would be sweet to take pics here.

I found a gothic library.  It's really cool, I can never find one when I need one. Have to remember this place for next time.

Outside across the lake, watch out for the whale.  Is the village, which I found some pretty kick ass target practice place.

**Lag Rating 1.5

Ever want to look like one of those body building competition people.  Well once I went South I ran into Dev.  Which is a Muscle store.  I'm not just talking about jackin' your avi stats up.  These muscles are extreme.  Half of the store is for the men and the other for the ladies.

Walking in there is a pic of both a man and woman letting you know what direction to go.  It also has a skin hud or both, along with footstep sounds and height bar.

Went to check the dudes out, and they have 6 different sizes from 20% bigger then SL avi's to 1900% bigger making you like 151ft.  Talk about giant.  And you can mix the upper and lower bodies to make your perfect look, and be unique.  i haven't seen may jacked avis, probably cause I don't look for them but it would be interesting to see.

They also have some clothing for the avi's here as well so take a peek of you grab one.  And some Muscle Addon's like mesh heads, skin tones and extra content.

Equipped with 8 Lucky boards for free items.  Upstairs has Muscle Pecs or chick boobies.

Now I have to admit when I started off 8 years ago, the first thing I wanted to do was make Julya look like Chyna from WWE.  I took 2 days running around looking for ripped skin, but there wasn't much out there so I said screw it.  But Julya has morphed herself into one sex bitch.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

The next location is one of my more favorite stores, when I went Southwest I ran into Femme Fatale/Slave Driven Designs.  I love her designs, and she normally puts more then justa outfit in her packages.  Most items have several items.

I think it was last Halloween she made this awesome Crystal Lake Counselor outfit called Jason's First Crush it came with clean and bloody version of the outfit with a clip board, whistle and injuries. It's great for Halloween time.

A lot of her stuff is also Tango friendly.

When your near the desk is where she has her newest releases, right now there's a ladybug outfit and an elegant lingerie set.  On top of the desks there are a few free gifts 5 of them to be exact.

If your looking for something really sexy for a themed dance you should check this place out first. Although they do have some elegant sexy formal wear as well.

She also has a small man section.  With some great T-Shirts, and come cock socks.  Gotta love them cock socks they crack me up.  And some other awesome man britches.

Around the back of the desk you will find a midnight mania board with 5 camp prize chairs. Need a place to camp for a minute while you do dishes, and come back to a kick ass prize?  Doooo Ittttt! Speaking of chairs, they also have some lucky chairs about too.

** Lag Rating: 2

Today's adventure ends in a fitting place.  Club End of Days Gothic Club.  I first land on a small bridge with l lava rounding me, with a sign that says "No biting on premises".  I believe I've been here before blogging an outfit before for my fashion blog.

There's justa few rules to live by set your environment to midnight and turn off sounds.  No biting, drama, excessive rping, weapons are allowed but never drawn or used.

Walking down the corridor of coffins I make it too a big stair case looking for the music.  I can see the gesturbating but not sure where it's coming from.  So I make it up their stairs, and over look a huge room with an awesome dance floor.

I'm not much for techno or whatever they are calling it these days.  Damn I am really starting to feel old lol.  But for what it is its not too bad.  People are friendly and looks great so that's a bonus.

As I was making the pic for this location the host hopped in my box letting me know if I wore a group tag, I'd have a chance to win some money.  Then about 5 minutes later a chick one 36L for just being here.  Looks like they do it every 20 minutes or so.

I was perving some hottie profiles, and why are all the hot ones from different countries lol.  Just saying...  Anyway hope you enjoy this stroll.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL


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