Monday, March 2, 2015

Adventure 56

Got a bit of a late start tonight.  The great owner of AdN, Adabetha sent me a gift card for me to pick something out for blogger her store yesterday.  So I used it to find today's outfit.  Of course details to come.

From head to toe, the hair is from Magika (discount area), outfit from AdN, & collar by RealEvil. Want more information?  Check out My Haters Motivate Me for full details.

Today's adventure starts at Back To Future ride.  Which is flippin awesome, because I loved that movie.  And don't forget to pull your jean pockets out on October 21, 2015.  If it's been a while since you've seen it they travel to 2015, and its coming upon us quickly.

To enjoy the ride press play on your viewer's Media Controller.  Make sure your Quicktime's up to date to get the full experience.  There's a new show every 5 minutes.  Only 4 people max per show.

This is pretty cool, they have small avi's out, showing little clips for the ride which has clips with the original acts in it.  It rocks.  They did a pretty kick ass job.

** Lag Rating:  2

oOo Studio Poses is the next location as the direction is West.  Falling near the desk, you can grab a nice freebie pose for the ladies for free.  Directly behind the desk is the information board, group joiner which is 100L.  A redelivery & gift cards too.  Next to the desk is a pose that has been remade you might wanna check out.

Left behind the desk is the group gifts, which remember is 100L to join.  But it has 5 fatpacks of women poses, a prop pose package, grunge photo space & a couple pose.  On the other side there is a cushion box where you can pose on it.  Along side that are 2 gacha machines.

Their poses make have an old time artistic feel too them.  I found probably my most favorite pose of all of SL there I'm definitely getting it.  There are a few props but mostly poses here, but they are very nice and make beautiful pictures, as the designer as already made for the product picture.

New releases, singles, risque & erotic rooms full of awesome poses.  Very romantic.

** Lag Rating:  2.5

Avilion Grove has little shops lining the walk way.  Following the trail back past the cotton candy tree. Before you cross the bridge they give you a bit of information.  Your first time I suggest that you follow the breadcrumbs to the Avilion Grove Ballroom.  But there is also a blue teleport right outside the gate for you to teleport to the ballroom also.

You can stroll through the castle and surrounding gardens.  There are small cottages off to the side which can be rented as private residence.  If you see people in them please do not disturb them, as the land is their home.

Off to the west is the role play area.  They request that you wear the proper attire for the sim.  The sim has a medieval theme.

** Lag Rating:  2

Northeast going to Raised Tail Retreat.  It's a sexual place where nudity, and sex is encouraged for Nekos, Furries, Human, Demon, Drow or Elven.  They are an open race sim.  It also does not matter what you prefer men, women or both.

Taking the teleport and land in front of this huge house.  In the lawn you can see the big pool outside, with floaties on it.  Once you enter, theres a bit of a hang out spot.  You can sit around and hang out or play Greedy or Cards Against Humanity.

Off to the right of the main room there are 2 private rooms where you can go spend some private time.  There are 2 doors, and if you sit on them they will take you to a room.  Unfortunately at this time both rooms are in use so I can't perv them.

Going left of the room is the bar area with a DJ stand, stripper poles.  On the bar they are selling milk @ 20L a liter.  And there is a big movie screen off to the side.

Forward from the bar is the Orgy room.  Equipped with a fireplace, 2 beds, with orgy features. Also there are a few rugs laying around that does stuff too.

If you go to the other side of the room instead you can find a small bowling alley.

** Lag Rating:  3

The last location is Delirium Style.  It was Southeast of Raised Tail Retreat.  When you first land you will be greeted by some very friend models.  If you walk all the way forward there's a little house where you can get a modeling application.

Left of the landing there's a huge building. Before even making it in the building and heading to the left you can see there's a board out with an outfit that as been made specifically to make money for Brittnay and her fight against cancer.

Behind that there is a list of Fairs & Events that they participate in.  Next to that there is a teleport  to the discount section.  You take it and it sends you to another building where you can find some of the older clothing at a discount.

The other side of the entrance is where the Gachas are along with some information you might not wanna miss.  You get 10L for each purchase as a group member, which is 99L.  You can check your store credit here.  Also they give you some Relivery Info.

Making it into the store, men stuff is downstairs and the women are on top.  Seems as if everything is mesh clothing.

I met some very nice ladies that told me that they took their lucky chairs and Midnight Mania board out about a year ago.

** Lag Rating:  2

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL


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