Monday, March 16, 2015

Adventure 62

First off I want to thank every single one of my followers.  This post marks the strolls 3 month anniversary.  I'm really shocked to get over 3500+ hits in that time.  By now you can see the background has been changed.  And now you can purchase ad space for your sim.  Just click the "Advertising" tab to get more information.

Since today's an anniversary day, I'm gonna dive back into my inventory and show you some of my friends places.  I'll be back to the map tomorrow.

So I was with Fin showing him the new headquarters. We were talking about Sugar & Spice from Batman Forever.  I ran over to grab an outfit I remember that Sassy had that would work perfectly. Hence today's stroll outfit =P.  And of course it wouldn't be me without one of Tameless's blood red hair.

For more details: My Haters Motivate Me

First place today is run by my ex-boyfriend & still friend Mordicai (Cai) Fall.  He started up a new playland called Slut City.  At the landing you can see who's online.  You can also purchase a Mama Allpa or Spunk Lovers hud to make your experience more enjoyable.  Also at the landing is a board where you can purchase various items to increase enjoyment, like collars.

The first large room you come along is a small stage with stripper poles and theater seats.  There is also a big screen TV I assume to watch porn on.  And across the room there is a fully functionally bed with Day-to-Day, Relaxation, Cuddles, Dances, Sex & BDSM.

If you want to have a bit more private they have a blue room equipped with theater, stripper poles and another bed with Cowgirl, Sideways, Doggy, Standing, Lapdance, Missionary, Cuddles, Foreplay, Oral, Group Sex, Rough, FMF, MFM, & MMMF.

Going down the stairs are a bunch of RLV toys like Anal-Trainer, BDSM Slave Pole, Shibari Rack, Metal Cage, Sex Pool Table .  Some of these look familiar *giggles*.

Behind the Pool table there is a set of stairs that take you up to find more toys. He has a Gangbang Cage, Rug with 356 animations, a hammock that does PG, XXX, Gay & 3 somes.  And in the back is a hot tub with all sorts of play in it.

To play with all these lovely toys you must be part of the group to use them. The group is however free.  This place is geared more for group, orgies & gangbangs.  So if you're into sharing the love this place is for you.

** Lag Rating: 1

Speaking of friends.  I'm sure you've heard me talk about my male bestie Fin by now..  He opened an awesome exclusive gallery called "The Soul Art Photography and Gallery".  It started on Flickr, and he decided to open a gallery where you can purchase one of his fabulous pictures in a nice frame.

Each picture is a one of a kind.  Once it's purchased its gone.  Prices vary between 700L-2KL. He also does single or couple pictures, can do either raw or photoshopped pictures. Get a hold of Soulhun for price and plans.  He even does series shoots which will come with a very nice album.

He is also starting a visiting artist section. Which he will be giving one artist their own personal section to showcase their art.  The art would have to be out on Friday's for 3 weeks.  If you're looking for a place to showcase your art contact Soulhun for details.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Since I've been pimping my friend's I'm gonna pimp myself lol.. My next stops gonna be my own shop Shame Me Designs.

I started off as a shape store about 5 years ago.  I love making shapes, but after all the mesh stuff coming out I kinda lost the love for it.  I'll still do some if someone contacts me for one.  I only charge 250L for a custom copy/mod shape.

Then I took a stab at making clothes.  They are more on the gothy side.  I have Freddy's Girlfriend, bloody tank & jeans, and some bikinis.  With some other clothing which is limited.  But they are applier friendly with Tango, Mirage, Phat Azz, & Brazilia.

Then another one of my stoner thoughts popped into my head, some people just need to talk around with a bag on their head.  So I made come lol, there's one that is blank.  Then there are 2 gacha machines full of bags with saying on them like You can't see me, Why is it dark in here?, Having a mental moment, Where did everyone go?', My Makeup look ok?, I'm too ugly for SL, Slave, Fuck Toy, Noob, Does it matter?, 5L, Ear Muffs.  The 2 rare ones are AFK & Does this bag make me look fat?.  Only 25L a try.

Another thing I'm really proud of is Discount Roulette which I'm sure you've read me talk about.  I have 3 different versions so far, but I will be having a version come out with where you can change the textures for the seasons.  But it will be a while before that comes out.

What is it?  It's a marketing tool where you put a product in the machine and a customer pays full price, gets the product, and then receives a 10 to 100% discount.  Assuring you get money for making it and your customer will enjoy the chance to get the product for free.

If your looking for a new shape or know a newbie come grab one of the freebies on the table.  There is one out for both men and women.  Along with MM boards across the room.  In edition there is a past hunt gift package out that has all the past hunt gifts in it.  Each time an item is done for a hunt I toss it in and add 5L to the price.  Right now it has 12 items in the box which makes it 60L.

I'm also a proud affiliate of Tameless.  I have their eyelashes, piercings and of course hair.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next stop is Acuo Theatre & The Falls Stage.  A place one of my friends Maeve works at.  She says that they have their shows on Friday night @ midnight.

I'm gonna start from the outside in  On the left side of the building you will find a phone booth that has some naughty poses on it.  And on the other side you have a small gazebo with a table set out.

I was unaware that this facility is part of a bigger community.  And the Acuo Theatre & The Falls Stage is just part of it.  They also have an Exhibition, Sky Islands, Underground Club, & Idle Rogue Village.

There's a big deck outside which I assume is for dancing.  Which runs along this really pretty walkway.  It would be a great place for a wedding.  I see that there are a few dance floors around cause I just found another one.

Once you talk into the building there are 2 gifts out, one for a man and another for the ladies. Behind the wall they have a stage set up to enjoy the burlesque show.  They kinda have a VIP box which is set for exclusive members, and some seats off to the side for others to sit.

** Lag Rating: 1

Now this stroll wouldn't be the same without my gorgeous babe Pix.  And since she just moved her store PixyStix it came just in time.

If you're looking for well made ladies fantasy skins and haven't checked out PixyStix yet, you should.  She has a bunch of information outside her store.  She's participating in the Hunt for Your Inner Slut hunt, Gacha Luck of the Irish, Bewba Palooza & the Skin Fair 2015.  There's a big board with different groups and friends of hers.

On the right as you walk in she has 2 new skins out that are new releases. Across the way from the new releases are samples of what she's offering at different events.

I love the way she styles her stores, each one is equally as awesome.  If you use the door right before the desk you will find the group gifts, and MY Discount Roulette, WOOOT!  And she has a wall of past group, hunts and freebies gifts out.  Which are not updated, they come as they are.

** Lag Rating: 1

Till Tomorrow...

~ JL


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