Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Adventure 63

Happy St. Patty's Day!  So to follow the tradition I'm wearing green.  Well green and red, come to think about it kinda feel like a Christmas tree lol.  Anyway I'm wearing one of my own outfits, cause frankly I don't own much green.  I'm gonna toss it out @ the HQ for free until April.  The hair is from Truth, called Faye.  And the collar is flippin awesome, comes with a hud so you can change all the colors and stuff, made by RealEvil Industries.

For more information: My Haters Motivate Me

We start off at Fotoscope, all of a sudden I feel a bit undressed, but the joys of SL.  You can't feel the temp.  If you join the group which is 10L you can not only rezz items here but set it to HOME!.  If you rezz something there is a 15 minutes return here.  So its awesome they allow you to put your stuff down for a pic.

Few rules to pay attention to: No weapons, large objects, vehicles, nudity or sex items.  Remember what your mommy taught you and clean up after yourself.

They have different environments for you to explore here. This place is especially good if your looking for Giant Redwoods, Dead Woods, Desert, Beach, Woodland & Wetlands.  If your a pixy or a troll or some fantasy type of artist this would be perfect.

There are tucked away love spots all round the sim.  Wanting to plan a romantic date with someone special, this would be impressive.  You can rezz a bike and ride with your love through the pretty sim.

If there is someone you are missing you can climb the steps to the FotoSky where you can rez a heart in their memory.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southeast from Fotoscope is Serenity Lost.  First off the music they play here kicks ass.  You land on a platform that says no capture zone, so apparently this is the safe place.  A large run down building with great texture.  This is a capture, force.

Before you can even join the fun there is a big transparent sign that says Human Avatars Only.

This land is very gothic looking has and several areas where you can explore like Aslyum, Abbey, Warehouse, Hideout, Cemetary, Staggering Wench, Swamp Shack, Hillbilly House, Gazebo, Main St. Shops.

In the safe house there is a 500L weekly prize, but you must have the group and profile pick to get in. Group join is 250L.  You must have group to participate in the fun of the toys

The right side of the building gives you the layout of the place. If you click on the board it will take you to a website that gives you the rules.

No playing with the staff, no age play, no nudity in safe house, safe house means safe house, no captured victims, no vampire bites, advertising, forcibly remove victims from sim, huds other then provided by the sim.

If you leave the safety of the safe house, you are assumed to be in character.

This location too way longer then it should have, but I was distracted by yet another hottie Aussie. Damn them Aussie boys =P

** Lag Rating: 2

So the Aussie ended up staying 15 minutes over time because I was his shiny thing for the moment lol.  I head East to Truth.  Who hasn't heard of Truth?  Well if you haven't pay attention lol.

Truth is one of the most sought after hair places here on SL  The hair is amazing, and comes in several different colors to choose from.  All mesh hair.  And it might be a good idea to join the group, because once in a while they throw out gifts or sales that you do NOT want to miss.  Being here early will help you beat the crowd, or you're gonna be waiting for a while lol.

There are 3 machines out that give you a chance to join the group, redeem gift card, purchase gift card, check your credit or if you didn't get something you purchased try the redelivery system.

I just happened to stumble across this place.  Even though the hair I'm wearing is from there, it wasn't intentional, but worked out lol.

** Lag Rating: 3

I keep getting distracted by shiny things.  After getting sidetracked for an hour I move onto the next location.  Going West and landing on Sparta.  Which I have to say is pretty fucking nifty.  I'm a HUGE fan of the first season of Spartacus.  I watched the other seasons but there was no better Spartacus then Andy Whitfield.  Anyway enough rambling.

As you land there is a big sign that says Sunday Spartan Tourney @ 10am SLT. Not sure if its every Sunday or just this one.  It doesn't indicate.. DCS Combat required.

Walking through the village there are several shops here to snoop in.  If you don't have the appropriate attire this place the shops have it.  Going up the stairs you pass some signs to direct you to the Areana, Theatre, Apella, Club Zeus, Museum.

Seems like up over the hill there are some Spartan quarters.  Inside the quarter there is a huge map to show strategy for a battle.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

In closing, SVU Animatiions is the last stop as I went Southwest.  They have interesting props and set ups here like, Happy Ending Massage (I can just see it now), Piercing Table (See what getting your nipples pierced does?), Mud pit, Nail Salon, Tattoo chair (Your artist hot?), desk, movie & photo set, Maid Pumper (ever wanna nail your maid?) and so much more.  I'd be here for a while if I named them all.

There's even a horror section like decapitation, you as a meat stick, and other gory animations.  Great for horror houses and Halloween time.

This place is really big with LOTS of animations.  If you're the type that really gets into the realism of SL, packing your house with these items would do that. I remember a few years ago having a house you could fuck on every spot in the house.  Wish I know about this place before hand.

If you join the group which is free you will receive 2 gifts off the bat.  Also another advantage of being part of the group is if you put them in you profile, you can get a chance to win 1000L.  Winners are drawn regularly from the group.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until Tomorrow...

~ JL

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