Thursday, March 5, 2015

Adventure 58

I'm getting a fairly early start today.  Going through my friends list looking to see which one of my designer friends have might have gifts out.  So I ran to my friend Rylee's shop she's the owner of D&G Fashion.  And when I walked in there was a J on her lucky chair.  Which was perfect.  And I can not take off this new hair by Tameless it is just outstanding!

For more information on the clothing check out: My Haters Motivate Me.

One of my friends got a hold of me to see how I was doing.  We both thought it would be a good idea for him to tag along.  So I was happy to be able to find this place.  We landed at Men Only District, a men's only monthly.   I'm so glad to see that they have one.  There are so many monthly's around and barely anything for men.  Remember women, if we want hotter SL men, we gotta give them something to look good in.

Landing at the door you can see several stands around with men worthly products.  With stores like Body Factory, Legal Insanity, Grafica Poses, Hypnotik, Aphorism, Urban Wealth, Gabriel, Bound Wings, Sam's Barber Shop, Flite, Reckless, Sharp, Excellence, Sys, Taox Tattoos, Baaah Store, Represent, Idiot, Cerberusxing. Vspot, & Birth.

** Lag Rating: 4

Moving Southwest to Astral Dreams.  Where we land on a very nice courtyard.  Lined with small shops.  Then the left side of the sim is a nice outside dance floor.  There's some tents along the dance floor and even a camel.

Out in the courtyard there are several places where you can find a nice place to take a picture. A nice small river runs through the land, and a pretty small waterfall too. If you speak Italian, you might wanna check this place out.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

After spending some time trying to understand Italian, which was a complete fail lol.  We head West to The Mill Playground, a blues and rock club.   Inside the club it has a very comfortable loungy furniture.  Or maybe dance near the fireplace.

Outside the club there is a trail of stores for your shopping convenience.  Along the side of the mall, there is a nice beach with a few things to sit on and cuddle.  Wrap around your love interest next to the bonfire.  Maybe making love on the beach is your thing.  Guess what you can do that here.

Behind the club are some small shops, if you travel down the path further you will run into a bath house.  Once you walk in if you go to the left, there is a brass bathtub with all sorts of romantic cuddling and sex to pamper reach other.  In the larger room is a public bath.  The bath has pool fun like splashing, bathing, massage, sex, and loving.

** Lag Rating: 2

Being that we were on the edge of West, when I told Alex to tell me what direction to go to I said NO West =P  So now we're up North.  We're checking out Psycho City.

You land in an underground tunnel. right before the gate, there is a box on the floor which you can receive your RP tools. Making the way through the walkway, there are some collars for sale on the wall.

Once I make it upto I see that its another urban land, but this one has horror and fantasy mixed in with it.  I believe this sim is German.  So I have no idea what the signs say.  So this place your just gonna need to wander around and check out the place for yourself.

It does have a creepy horror film type feeling though.

** Lag Rating: 3

Our last location is The Cage.  A BDSM Castle and RLV playground.  Landing you see someone taking your picture. And the doormat reminds you that vampire bits are not welcome.

Coming up to an informational booth, where it explains what RLV is.  Along with other information about bondage, bondage cuffs, dominants, dungeon, submissive and other BDSM places to visit.

Off to the right there is a room with dancing, stripper pole and some toys scattered about.  Even cuddle around on the stage.Going downstairs, with different rooms full of BDSM toys.

If you make it down to the bottom there are separate rooms closed off with clear windows so you can watch them have sex.  This place is pretty full so If you're looking for someone to play with you'll probably get lucky here lol.

There's lot of rooms to wander around in and check out.  Also down in the basement they have these awesome rooms where the when you're inside you can't see out, but if your on the outside you can watch.  Kinda like secret voyeurs.  Outside the castle there is a strip mall of vendors.

** Lag Rating: 3

Until Tomorrow

~ JL

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