Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Adventure 57

After having an awesome photo shoot with my hottiie friend Fin. Leaving the gorgeous beach of Baja Norte.  Which you can see the awesome pictures @ his Flickr.

This outfit I'm wearing is the newest release from Tameless. Along with the kick ass hair.  You can find the pose from Image Essentials, Body Shot 4.  For more details check out, My Haters Motivate Me.

I head home to see what kind of goodies that Tameless has in their blogger group.  And they sure have a doozy this time.  And OMGawh! I'm diggin' the hair.  Smokin' a bowl and heading Northeast to start today's adventure.

Outbreak is today's first location.  It's a survival role play.  At first landing, this place looks like its gonna be awesome.  Kinda feel like I stepped into Znation.  I'm gonna attempt to snag a pick in the RP section, before someone tries to kill me lol.

Taking the teleport down, I land in a very dilapidated city.  With blood soaked bus, broken down cars in the street.  It seems as if you are allowed to put objects down.  So you can drive your car or bike through this elaborate sim.

** Lag Rating: 2

From the concrete jungle of Outbreak to the sand of paradise Giggles Beach.  This place is pretty packed.

There are a few rules to go by here  There's no sex or cuddle but tops are optional.  You must wear bottoms as it is a no full nudity sim.  Humans only, nekos & furries accepted but no animals or beasts (don't shoot the messenger).  Collars MUST not be open to the public.  And no Bloodlines tolerated, remove huds or they will instant ban.

This sim has a pretty good stream of people coming in.  They do have rent space here 30 prims 150L, 50 prims 300L and 100 prims 600L.  So if you have something beachy you might wanna check this place out.  If you do, tell them Julya's Stoner Stroll sent ya (no I dont know the owner lol)

As you go a bit deeper into the sim there's a big sign for a Rave part March 6th from 10 am to noon SLT.  Something else you might wanna check out.

There is a rather big space open where people gather around the bonfire.  Getting closer to the beach shore there are 2 sides which have elaborate swimming pool.  They are equipped with lounge chairs and floaties in the water.  This place to seems to be family friendly as I have seen a few kids in here. The place is moderate so take it as you will.  After reading the owners profile, you must be at least 14 days old to enter.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Distant Thunder Rock Club is West, the next destination.,  I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for a good rock club.  Sometimes you just like to chill and roll with some good older rock. This place will do it.  Now that I think about it, I ran into this place a few days ago.,  Well at least I get to bring it to you =).

They are a pretty talkative bunch.  Pieces of furniture are scattered around the dance floor.  With dance balls, and sploders above.  This is an open club, where you can dance under the stars.  If you're looking for a place to rock in the SL AM this is your place.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Skipping my pretty ass, god I <3 today's look, Southeast to VAW.  Where SL has royally screwed the men and turned them into Ken dolls, only giving them mangina's, where do they turn?  Well here is a good start.  Newbie's no longer have to suffer like Ken, because this place has the equipment they are missing.

Landing on another beach scene, trying to figure out why there are so many gathered here.  And now I see, there's a coin sploder here, where all these people are gathered for 20L lol.

This place offers realistic genital and sex animations.  Not only that, but if you move to the left you can see a beach club set up.  Heading past the beach following the walkway.  You come on a snowly parking lot that has a fountain in the snow.  Take a second to play in the snow as you click for snow balls.

When first talking into the building I thought I would see well, cocks lol, but it's actually men clothing on the left.  Other things are mixed in with the clothing like jewelry, a few plants and accessories.

The other side of the building has things to help build your business with desks, landmark pins & ad space systems.  And gadgets like teleport systems, grid tracker, stalker & spy cam.  Sounds like you can get into trouble with those items.

Heading upstairs to get to the good stuff, the whole back row are body enhancements.  Not happy with what the linden god gave ya?  Upgrade it here  They even have tongues, that have realistic licking effects and piercings.  A realistic penis so you can kiss your mangina's bye bye.  Hell you can even get booty enhancements.  Vagina's with piercings or even nipples

Not only do they have that but they have long animations where you can get the most out of your loving.  Also items that come with props.  I remember a few years ago when I had a house with my Xhusband, you could fuck on anything.  Kinda started a giggle and grew.  This place would have been helpful lol..

Wanna throw another into the mix?  They have things for that too.  Come check out their collection of scenes.

** Lag Rating;  3.5

Final place for today is Cocoches.  As I land there seems to be a sidewalk sell or something going on as the door is lined with items on esles.  With clothing, skins & eyes are out and about.

On the wall of the building there are 2 group joiners, one is for normal which you can chat, and keep up with new releases.  Then there's the VIP group, where you can grab the gifts and sit in the lucky chairs.  The VIP group's gonna costa ya 300L.

Walking into the place the first thing you see is a table full of group gifts.  Full outfits, shorts, bikinis, dreses, even some shoes.

This place even has wing tattoos, they are done very well. Although the tattoo section is small it seems as if it is growing.

It seems as if each outfit comes with appliers for TMP, Omega, TMP, EV3, Wowmeh, and Lena.

Of course the outfit that I liked the most doesn't come in red lol..Yesh can you tell I'm addicted to red.  Well more like Crimson but whatever.

If you are looking for themed outfits for a contest this place has them like jungle print, cowboy & gothic queens.

They have gorgeous mesh hair here, their pretty cheap too only 199L for a color pack.  The length and style seem to be boobie friendly.

Apparently it takes a lot of time and effort to put a 6 pack on skin because every chick 6 pack skin has been really expensive.  But then again, I'm cheap as shit lol.  I remember paying 2K for a skin back in the day, but now its pretty rare.  But you can't find any abs ones cheaper.

If your a VIP group member you can take your chances with the 8 lucky boards near the skins.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until Tomorrow

~ Julya Lykin


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