Thursday, January 29, 2015

Adventure 33

Well after spending the evening hanging out @ Crack Den we weren't able to get to the stroll.  We were too busy looking for a liquor store so Cai can hold up the cashier for a pic for his Flickr.

I asked a friend to go strolling with me but she was a bit busy.  Good thing because RL pulled me away and it bought me some time.  As I was starting my stroll I land at my first location.  And Nea got a hold of me asking if she missed out.  Nope she didn't so I tp'd her in.

Standing here @ Psycho Misfits.  A dark building with flickering flames.

Going into the room you will find weird mushrooms and a teleport to Misfit Motors teleport.  Cutting into the room across the way there is a room where everything you see is for sale. Dark gothy furniture and old movie posters.

As we take the teleport down the first thing you see is a Bates Motel sign.  And a motel on the left of you.  Although you can go inside you can not use the bed.  So if you're looking for the type of place to take a pic at awesome, personally it would have been awesome to have sex in the Bates Motel, but then again I'm stoned lol.

Deeper in the land there is a huge clown head there is a carnival, a wicked carnival.  With poses inside tents and participating in the show.
And going deeper where there is a huge mansion with lounge on the bottom and bones museum upstairs with interesting pictures.

** Lag Rating: 3

Enjoying the merry go round in the last sim couldn't last forever, moving west and landing on Sparrow Industries.  Once you land to get a menu of sorts which directs you to different places around the sim.

They specialize in Land Security, Shoutcast, Icecast, land rentals, terminals.  Also several scripts greeter IM's, Simple Group Inviter.  They also have impact weapons.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Flying northwest, we find Tropical Futa Funatics.  A pretty beach with romantic moments along the beach.

Walking through the rocks on the path to the center.  They have 3 skybox doorways, one to a bondage box, movie theater, and arcade.

Going through the cavern you can jump in the hot tub look out to the water.  And walking towards the right, we stumble upon a milking station.

If that's not your thing you can move right and make your way up the sitars, where there's rooms set up in huts where there are places to play in paradise.

** Lag Rating: 2

Winds blew me South it taking me too Speed's WK Big Cat & Wild Dog Oasis Auctions & rentals without my travel partner. Continuing my venture alone, exploring the land alone..  I'm a huge fan of big cats.  Here in Spokane they have a thing called Cat Tales which is a cat rescue from people that think they can have big cats as pets.  So it's pretty killer to have them in SL.  These big cats are fully animated and licks their paws lays down and gives themselves baths.  I dont know many things about the breedables, but it says that each cat is in 100% heat.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Crazy Kitty is the last sim in today's adventure.  Joining the Crazy Kitty groups will cost you 300L.  This allows you to receive balloons with VIP presents.  Warning if you leave the group you will have to repay the 300L fee.

Gift cards are also an option for any occasion.  Purchase a 180L, 500L or 1000L cards for friends or family.

Cruising down the hallway you come along 3 gacha's of cute shoes or huggable doggies.

Some more store info is written on the wall.  Please send notecard instead of IM.  Use the redelivery terminal if you didn't get your item. Bloggers are not needed at the time & not interested in satellite stores.

Do they support appliers? Yep, Tango/Delicq, Omega, TMP & Slink/Physique

The clothing is more of the bright and cheery clothing.  Light colors like pink, white and powder blue.

Make your way all the way back and you will find some more gacha's and some lucky chairs..  Off to the right of the lucky chairs is an unpacking area with a pose stand.

If you look up from the lucky chairs you can see on one side they have special price items.  In the middle you will see the group gift.  And the match game.

** Lag Rating: 2



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