Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adventure 24

Well after my gorgeous man and I finished picture whoring & he went to bed.  I had some AO problem where it would bend over like I'm trying to get some.  I called my Pix, my muse & she fixed it.  Before she went to bed she gave the direction of south.

My first location I'm exploring today is Kosh.  When I land I see the groups they are part of, gift cards and a Wishlist.  What's a Wishlist?  Its like registering at Walmart.  Making a list of stuff you want so other people can get it for you.  Click the sign to get a shopping HUD to participating stores.

They also have 2 group gifts out, the group is 22L. If you get 10% store credit on all KOSH purchases.   And there is a gacha with tiara.

There are several different departments here.  Jewelry like necklaces, toe rings, earrings,  rings and bracelets. Home as like a literal home, rugs, and fountains.

** Lag Rating: 1

I try to finished the stroll and I'm passing out at the computer.  I'm gonna finish this in the morning.....

Well good morning readers I'm up and ready to finish yesterdays adventure.

Traveling south to Crystal Cabaret an elegant strip club where the ladies voice, & cam.  As you land there is a stage, and behind you a bar with a piano on the side.

One side of the club there are 3 rooms 2 of them VIP which you need to be companied by one of the lovely ladies.  The middle room leads you to private rooms so you can spend some private time with one of the ladies.

As I was wandering around the club a I met SugarMag a sweetie lady that was more then happy to give me the lowdown on the joint.

Each lady is voice verified before employed to make SURE they are women behind their avis.  No guy wants to think their time spent with someone they "think" is female and not.

The room on the other side of the has advertisements for both exclusive ladies of the club then freelance is across the way.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the owner Coonie.  She let me know that their one year anniversary is coming up in March.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Leaving the great place of Crystal Cabaret headed east to Colorado.  The next place I find is Amiville Colorado an Old West RP of 1870's.  Before getting into the RP there are several stores around where you can purchase rustic home items, clothing, animals, and other western items.

As you head to the tp to go into the RP there is a room that has as a platform of freebies for the taking.  Looks like mostly clothing.

Across the way from the freebies they have a combat meter for the sim.  Also rules for the place and a wonderful saying "The only real things in Second life are our feelings, so please take care of each other" which is so truthful.

After reading the rules, I notice that there are 6 sims connected together as part of the Wild West Alliance.  It is a long-standing Old West role-play established by Western Alliance.  You can find boxing events, cockfighting, poker games, fishing, picnics, even a church.

Mostly an English speaking sim but all are welcome, and they offer a free translator if needed.  You also need to be at least 14 days old before RP.  Animal avis are allowed, no fantasy animals, although they don't take in chat.  Child avis are allowed but avi's must act like children at all times.  Kids are not allowed weapons under 15 years of age.

Proper dress for 1869 is strickly required and will be monitored.

** Lag Rating: 2

After spending a bit of time in the Old West I travel North to Zibska.  Where they have jewelry, cosmetics, hair & couture.  As you first land you can see the groups they are involved with, gift cards and the group joiner.  Be careful not to miss the free gift of lips put out next to the redelivery terminal.

If you join the group for 200L you can grab all 18 gifts available.

** Lag Rating: 2

To finish off today's stroll, which has been interrupted twice already.  Our last location hits West where I land at Candies Corner & Rising Pheonix. Now I have seen cats, dogs, and meercats but never seen breedables for Unicorns, Pegasus, Zebras, & Donkey.

There is some dancing at the landing near the water, were you can relax.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL

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