Saturday, January 10, 2015

Adventure 20

As I was sitting in 1 Hundred  to check out what was new I noticed the time and thought I should get cracking on the stroll.  So using the randomizer again, it brought me to Perfectly Flawed.

Perfectly Flawed sim is a clothing optional sim.  Set up in a gorgeous jungle setting with massive trees, jungle vines, mushrooms and running rivers a perfect place to take pictures.  Or perhaps plan a romantic day for your mate with random fun scattered play items around.  Look for the obvious beds about, but also check for tree stumps for cuddling and play.

There is also a few houses furnished with play things.  Although there is a lighthouse it is a off sim decoration.

** Lag Rating 2.5

Leaving that gorgeous land, I head to Bad Eddy's.  A sex furniture shop, set up as with different scenario's to set up the scene.  A few of the scenes are a shower scene, a den setting, work out, capture cages, shackle walls, torture hook, kitchen, fur slave mats, hiding spots, pool, bath tub, and a house full of play places.

You have to come check out the sections on your own.  You can bring your significant and spend an hours here checkin' out all the great toys.

No pose ball items, just sit on the item.

** Lag Rating: 2

Leaving which would have been a fun land if my hottie was online, I head west to TigerWorks.  A shop for both men and women.  There 6 lucky boards which you need to be a member to get the item.

This location also shows you what items are available on marketplace.  Along with boots and shoes.

** Lag Rating 3

Since I went riding last night landing at Turlaccor Custombike Store is only fitting.  Checking out all the hot rides.  If you walk towards the back of the store there are some free gifts out. One of the gifts is a Quad, the others are some clothing.  If you're part of the group, they keep you inform you about events, convention, races & rallies.

Walking and there are many types of bikes, some with side cars, and some crotch rockets.  Helmets and other accessories are also sold here.  Maybe get luck and call them Midnight Mania boards to get some stuff for free.

Want to try out one of these babies for a test run there is towards the back where you can click on the floor and it sends you to a place you can test it out for yourself.

The land they take you to to test the bikes have mild hills, sharp unexpected turns, & even a hairpin turn.  To truly see what the bike has too offer before purchase.

** Lag Rating: 2

Searching for the last place of the night, we first land on this land that I will not name.  We went to a place in which I would not feel right in bring attention too.  So we move further East to find The Cyprian Gallery.

First you land in a most gorgeous well built snow sim.  Trucking through the walk way with my gorgeous brave man, sporing no shirt.  We come to a beautiful gazebo type building.  There are chairs, and even a grand piano, stunning photos of the more erotic nature. Going upstairs there is a nice cocktail lounge, so have a drink and chit chat.

Walking around the sim more you find, a BDSM playground.  Since this was the last leg of our stroll, we found a cozy romantic spot to enjoy the gorgeous sim and all it has to offer.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow....


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