Friday, January 30, 2015

Adventure 34

After Cai and I having to fight for what seemed forever we got some kind of voice working.  Once we did that we deiced to go strolling.

I teleported to my friend Lavi's house, even though she wasn't there for a new place start off at.  So after taking a huge hit off the pipe I head East like Cai suggested.  We landed on Draco's Femboy/Sissy/Shemale Hangout.

Landing next to the teleports and the stage behind me.  I teleport Cai to help me survey the land.

There are BDSM toys scattered around the room that anyone can play with.  They even have a huge rocking horse with ADULT features.  Of course I had to try it, and Cai captured it for prosperity.

Cai went to check out the stage and found this awesome Swing that's on the the stage.  We checked the designer and sure we will be making our own trip there soon.  Anyway there are dance huds and even dance spaces to earn 1L per 10 minutes.

When you land there is a Teleport System.  Saloon, Sissy Lounge, Sissy Villa, Art Gallery, 2 bathrooms one for top one for bottom.  And 2 BDSM rooms.

If you just walk through it its a bit of an ant farm.

** Lag Rating: 2

Playing all we can play at the last place, we head Northwest to Dixland Racetrack.  Where we landed on the racetrack for horses.  Cai and I went to the gates and ran to the finish line.  He kicked my ass.

Half way through the track is a board with horse and gate numbers to keep track of who's your favorite.

You can watch the races from the bleachers.

Races are on Friday 7p SLT & Double Headers Sunday 1p SLT & 5p SLT.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After getting my ass kicked on the track, apparently its sports night on the stroll.  The next place we land is Lovers Golf Paradise.

It costs 1L to play and there is a big board in red to teach you how to do it.  You need a hud that they supply you with and then read the directions.

Remember when I was talking a few days ago about there being a theme.  We now we have been to 2 sports type places and walking around the golf course I find dance pads where you can make 2L per 10 minutes but that's if your in the group.

As I was running off checking out what the place has too offer, Cai informed me that there's a tp board that tells us there is more to this place then just golfing.

There is a Dream Cave for lovers of massage, Kona Cave Oasis for secluded time alone, Piazza where they have private themed rooms free for members.  Water falls, sunset Bar, Fisherman's Cove, Tranquility Pools, Starz on Ice, Romantic dancing, and even a Chapel.

** Lag Rating: 2

Moving southwest to our new location we land on The Rose Unleashed BDSM club.  As we land it seems as if we are in the dance area.  There's a big sign on the wall that says they are a voice club.  No voice no win.

As you read the rules it will tell you that its not just the club but their home.  Since they are making it public we can still use this location.

Few rules here: No age play, read profiles before meeting the people, no vamp bites, no drama, gestures, and no begging.

They have a formal day on Sunday.  Which means you need to be dressed accordingly.

Off to the side of the dance floor they have a big theater for movies.

If you go upstairs you can play Greedy, Simopolis, Cards Against Humanity, darts, and pool.

Going outside the club you will see townhouses, which all but 1 are rented right now 125L for 100 prims.  Can't beat that.  Running the street I see they have a few places that are 250L for 200 prims. There is even a strip of stores facing the water.

Speaking with the owner he let me know a little bit on what I didn't see. For one, the sim is done by one awesome sim designer, since he's done the whole thing.  But with RL of course some things are still under construction.

"They try to keep the main maintain the place more for a relaxing place for couples/poly families to come relax without all the usual sl foolishness. We also consider this a safe heaven for owned submissive to come and enjoy themselves without being harassed by the usual "hey baby wanna fuck" types that are in the usual BDSM spots" - Eddison Campbell

** Lag Rating: 2.5

I only have like 10 minutes before Cai goes to bed.  So it looks like I will be doing most of the last stop on my own.

Mentioning the last stop, we head East to Scandalous Desires Brothel & House of ILL Repute.  While Cai's outside taking some amazing pictures of the locations we have been today, I'm inside checking out the landing spot where they have a free tux, evening gown and some quality freebies on the floor. Don't forget to check out Cai's Flickr as he takes pictures from his perspective.

As you make your way to the door it reminds you that its not a free sex area.  It is a Brothel and there is no freelancing.  Although they do offer applications to work here.

Once you walk through the voyeur you will see some rooms off to the side.  There's a quiet room with the door shut, next that is an office that has some fun stuff in it.  On the other side there is a school type room set up, nice bedroom and upstairs they have a BDSM room.

Perhaps just enjoying the atmosphere with some romantic dancing and enjoying the view.

And to top it off they have generously put up the pics of the ladies of the house so you can pick the one of your dreams.

Davina a lead escort at the establishment was very helpful in answer questions and taking care of me. If your on European time you should head over there if your looking for more of the elegant escorts.

Update: After speaking with the owner she informs me that they also have concerts outside, quizzes & skyboxes.  Skyboxes are set up for normal rooms, BDSM, orgies, lesbian.  Enjoy the lady or ladies of your choice in extreme privacy, away from chat range and camera view.

** Lag Rating: 2


  1. Hi there, Julya,

    I'm the manager at The Rose Unleashed BDSM Club and just wanted to thank you for such an awesome review :). My apologies for not having the honor of meeting you but unfortunately RL had me tied down. Hope to see you around soon and thank you again!

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