Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Adventure 32

Unfortunately my partner in crime and gorgeous man had to leave early tonight because RL has him tied up so much tomorrow.  Then I asked my friend Nea is she wanted to go with me and she was busy herself.  So I went on the stroll solo today.  Once I put 8 directions in it spit out new directions for this stroll.

The first place I land on today is The Magic Circle which is one big Fantasia Canal Boat Ride.  If you have children, a child at heart or even just a Disney fan don't miss out.  With dancing hippos, dancing brooms, neon butterflies & even a demon to scare you at the end.  Don't forget to get your music one while you're going through the boat ride.

There are also some tables set up with chairs, after the boat ride.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Coming from an awesome ride I head East and land on Elegance By Elysa.  Looking around I see they sell  master/slave cushions, lap serve hassocks, palace chairs, Master/slave ottoman, beds, couches, rugs.  Looks like Aladdin housewares.

They also have a sale section and upstairs they have an MM board.

** Lag Rating: 2

It's weird how each adventure kinda guides itself.  Like one post will be mostly clubs, clothing or furniture.  I swear that I do not plan it like that the places are completely random.   I click on names that has lots of green dots and have names that catch my eye.  I've run into a few of the stores I've seen while blogging fashion.  But landing on LadyX it could have been anything.

Once I land I can see that I landed on a furniture store that focuses on BDSM beds and other toys. They are 100% mesh, RLV, copy/mod, and even Xcite! Compatible.

If you join the group for free you receive 10% discount on all in store purchases.  Keep in-world stores alive shop IN-GAME.  If you don't shop in game the place will eventually die.  Yes a conspiracy theory lol I'm stoned, let me be lol.  See what happens when Cai leaves me alone lol.

Most of these beds are made of dark wood, and brass.  It looks very nice.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

I was kinda hung up @ Lady X because furniture that is RLV is pretty awesome.  But after I've exhausted the fun in the place I move West to Ace's a ladies only male strip club.  Oh yeah I'm sure I'm gonna get it for this one lol.

When I was there only the manager and owner were present.  Standing there apparently afk cause they haven't said word on too me lol.

There is a support staff board where you can get a hold of owners and managers.  Along side there, they have a gacha machine there for nice ties.

 If your having a bachelorette party or someones birthday coming up and wanna surprise them with some hunks you can click a mailbox to get information about setting it up. They also have a DJ, hosts & dancer application there.

Before walking through the door there is a sign that says "Ace's Valentine's Auction", Feb 13th @ 3pm-5pm.  The auction is for the company of their dancers for a Valentine's Day date.  Bid is for a 2 hour date w/ a dancer of your choice.  Then come back the next day on Valentine's Day from 6-8. and find out the results.  You must be there to win, & sex is not required.

In the doorway they have their prices.  They offer the services of semi private lap dances, private lap dances, & escorting.  If your a VIP they have special perks for that.

Once you get inside the back board has all the dancers on the wall with online indicators to see if your favorite dancer is online.  Right in front of them are 2 skyboxes where you can spend time with your dancers.

** Lag Rating: 2

Leavin' the male strip cub with visions of the last dance I got from my gorgeous man at home going Southwest to Body Language.

Making it through the entrance there is a circular room which has  Mistress, Daddy, Games, & BDSM above door ways.  So I go from the right and start off in the BDSM room.

There's an Oily Paddle Pool that has positions like MFF, FFM, FF, FFF, F.  Then there's a Torture bench that hs single, cuddles, & sex.

 Going to the next room is Games.  An arcade game, Bubble Breaker, Pool, Greedy, Cards Against Humanity (which I have recently played with Cai and some of the people on the sim and it's a GREAT game).

A Daddy room, which I don't know much about.  Not really my thing.  But to me I think of it more for Sugar Daddy's but I'm sure I'm wrong.  Or maybe a the male version of a Mistress.

And the last room is the Mistress room.  Somewhere a mistress can be pampered and be pampered by their slave.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

~ JL

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