Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Adventure 23

As I was about to start the stroll for today my baby logged in just in time to go with me.  So after putting my new office for me he told me to head North.  I landed on Escort Fire Club.  At the entrance there are 2 great asses on the big screen gigglin' their booties.

Walking to the club there is a strip mall on the side with some free spaces, then there is a booth in the corner that caught my eye.  There are 3 rooms that you can tp to have a little fun.  Cai and I check out one of the rooms, but before I got myself into trouble we moved on.

As we finally make it inside the club, we greeted by some very nice people.  This is a German establishment, so if you are fluent in German or would like to test it out, they are really friendly here. They even accommodated to English even though it might have been a bit hard.

They opened on the 10th of this month, so they are really new.  But I think the place has great potential.

** Lag Rating: 2

Taking off from there we travel Northeast to Friends-R-Us.

As you land there are amazing natural aquarium on both sides. There is a modern coliseum to dance in, then there is a large games place to hang out in and listen to interesting music as you play.  The list of games that can be played here is as follows: Warcheesi, Blitz, Parcheesi, Skippo, Parcheesi, Tawletzaher, On-A-Roll, Greedy Greedy and Conquer.

** Lag Rating: 2

The build was exciting but we moved south to Rock Bunker.  As we were greeted by the friendly dancers, looking around to see it looks like a place I use to go when I was younger, it was called the Metal Shop.  So it's almost like going back in my youth, wow I just made me sound old as shit.

Anyway, checking the rest of the land, there is an outside stage set up for what we are assuming are for concerts.

** Lag Rating: 2

As we land on The Pink Monkey, I was expecting a strip club of sorts, but I was surprised to see a mix of gothic, the movie Avatar, and stumbled upon what I call a bondage ant farm.  As you travel through the tunnels you can find different places to partake in bondage play.

Wandering around more through the sim I see a cabin set off the path, which is fully furnished including a bed where you can spend an intimate moment.

This place as so much on it, I feel like its 4 sims wide.  It would literally take you all day to go and check it out thoroughly.

Going through it more we run into a seaquarium where you can walk under the water.  On the end of each tube there is some sexy fun to be had.

After enjoying this gorgeous skin, I'm sure I have missed a lot, this place is HUGE.  Truly a full day experience to give it justice.  We run across an outdoor dance club, greet by friendly people.  On the side of the dance floor they have some skeet ball.

This land is Bloodline friendly.

Update: Best way to experience this land is to let the region windlights to get the full effect.  There are many hidden places to find, like the "Wink A Fairy Circle" just for starters.

** Lag Rating: 2

There was so much to see at that place I swear we probably took like 45 minutes at that location.  The last location we will be doing to day is called Lutricias Luxuries Skins Shapes Deluxe Body Factory.
As we arrive there is a big missing poster out for this Lily, it seems to be a game you, you click it for more information.

Heading into the store you come to a front desk, on the left of the desk is the new skin that is available, along with the group gifts and Midnight Mania boards, for both men and women.  What's a Midnight Mania board or MM?  If you've been living under a rock or just a newbie, you slap the board and when the the target is hit at midnight you get that item.  Anyway.... back to the shop...

They have skins, lipsticks, mesh head applier, slink appliers.

Looking in the back of the store they have a place where there are 20 group only slap boards.

** Lag Rating: 1

Until Tomorrow....

~JL & MF

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