Sunday, January 18, 2015

Adventure 25

Starting today's adventure after enjoying a West Coast Gangsta Party with my gorgeous DJin' @ Outlaw Country.  We head west landing @ Renegade's Roadhouse.

As we land on a huge landing pad, behind us are pictures of rock legends. Turning back around I see a huge dance area with some outdoor chairs and barrels to sit at if you're not in the dancing mood.

They play live rock music. In fact there is a band that plays every Wednesday @ 6pm.

** Lag Rating: 3

Leaving the  Renegade's Roadhouse we head North to Zombie Bunnies.  As excited as I was to get chased around by frantic zombie bunnies, there were none here.

We landed on a  edge of a cliff, making our ways to the top we run into on dirty unicorn, which of course Cai had to take a pic with people venturing up falling into some caverns and getting lost. Another human ant farm.  As there are 2 peaks places where you can take pictures.  Wandering around you will find a naked male unicorn bridges, and breedable foxes.

** Lag Rating: 5

Still being disappointed about not being eaten by zombie bunnies we go further north to GangBang Alley.  We can already figure out what this place is all about, but we wander around to see what kind of trouble this place has to offer.  Heading back around you run into the office which you can come and play around.  There are hotels and pose balls everywhere.  Although appears to be traffic bots here and not many people.

** Lag Rating: 2

To see what is happening Southeast we land on New Paradise Oasis.  A pretty beach we land on, and looking forward there is a nice beach club. Moving forward we find a cute beach side huts to spend some time in. There's a cuddle house, dance floor, swimming pool, TV house, Tiki Jungle & video dome.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Somehow I lost my travel partner along the way, RL was being a bitch and not letting him come back to me.  So I thought I would finish this leg of the stroll by myself.  After getting the last direction to go South by Cai, I end up at Mana'o Tattoo.

Although this is a tattoo shop, its not the only thing you can get here.  Other things are available like Greeter Mesh V.3.  A program that gives you 118 avatars to work at your store.  All sorts of directions are here if you are interested for your sim.

They also have masks, jewelries, complete avatars, tattoos, & sea creatures for you too check out.

If you're for some new games, this places some pretty original ones.

They have a pretty awesome program here called Mana'o Daily Gift Card, all purchases of tattoos in store will receive a gift card at midnight. 20 to 80L gift card gets 5, 81 to 240 gets 20L, 241 to 480 gets 60L, 481 to 960L gets 120L & more then 960L gets 240L.

** Lag Rating: 2

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