Saturday, January 3, 2015

Adventure 15

To avoid drama I decided to smoke up and go for a stroll. After slapping a vote box for 1L, cause I'm a cheap bitch I go west and land on Pie Hole Pizza Joint.  A cute small restaurant if you are looking for the whole realistic vibe for a picture opportunity.  You can go up to the counter and click on the pizzas where you can wear a slice to eat while your sitting down having a good conversation.

After checking out a nifty Pizza Shack I go Northwest to Nude Bathing for Men.  Sounds like my kinda place.  On the sim there is a club called Club Dick.  A smaller club that has huge picture windows over looking the beach.    Walking around to the side you can find the baths.  Membership is restricted exclusively to Adult Men, no females, shemales, trannies, children or Furries (another place I have to hurry to report on before I get tossed apparently).  Nudity is expected except during dances when there's a theme.  If you go inside there is a gallery of black gay porn and a pool table which you can have sex on.  Second floor is a locker room of sorts.  They have urnals, lockers and a massage table.  On the top floor there is a hot tub for some private time.

After riding round on the jet ski outside the Bath house I move southeast to Island Swimwear.  Landing on a pretty beach a huge building to the side, walking in by the desk is 3 freebies out for you to grab.

Walking around I admire the way they model their clothing, the models are leaning up or near a surfboard, with their own bit of sand.  Most of these bikini's are mesh.

If you stay in the ladies area but up the stairs, you can find the 50% off bikinis. Speaking of stairs, I went upstairs and there are an array of men items up there, board shorts, trunks and thongs.  Or if you guys need some shoes for the beach they have them too.

Feeling like a human ping pong I head Northwest to Earthbound.  I land at a cross roads, I have 4 choices, Boat dock, EarthStone Jewelry, EarthDwellings & EarthDwellings Lawn & Garden.  Since I know a little bit about the jewelry store I'll start there.  Picking up my hoppin friend Mordicai joins me on the rest of my stroll.

Going into the building they have the information section, where you can buy gift cards or information on how to get transferable items.

A little bit on the pricey side but if you're looking for quality look no further.  These gems and jewels are exquisite, and that's coming from some that is not interested in jewelry much, yes fellas there are women out there like that.

They have all sorts of jewelry here, necklace, earrings, bracelets, broaches. rings and even Friendship necklaces for him and her.

As I was just about to leave the shop I found one of the most gorgeous pieces of Jewelry I've seen in my almost 8 years of SL.  It's a thigh bracelet with gorgeous jewels dripping off of it.  They also have group gifts out, the group does cost 250L, but the stuff is amazing.

Moving over to the Furniture store, we come across the pretty fiberoptic sculptures for your dresser, grandfather clocks, candle holders, chairs, fireplaces and things of the more classy nature.

After spending almost an hour at EarthStones we travel a short distance south, to Tabaluga Breedable's.  Now I have seen many kinds of Breedables, cats, dogs, and horses, but never DWARVES.  And how much would your own little breedable dwarf cost, a cool 2000L.  The sim is set up just cute as hell.

Until the next adventure....

~ JL


  1. Thanks for the visit!!! We appreciate your comments...:))

    Bama and Vitto

  2. Thank you for the comments about our sim. I am still working on the Dwarfin Village.
    (Tabaluga Breedables)