Monday, January 12, 2015

Adventure 22

So I've been busy this morning, my first log in the day after I moved into Cai's house.  I left a surprise for him, I hope he likes it.  So I called my bestie CT to see if she like my surprise.  As we were standing around I thought it would be a great idea to do the stroll.

Our first location is The InnerGeek Society Social Club.  You land between advertising areas and a big set of stairs to get to enclosed outdoor dance club.  This place has some great views.  And the dance floor is AMAZING.  There is glass over part of the dance floor you can dance on the ocean. There are a few of them scattered across the land.

If you make it off the stage, go down the stairs and your first turn to the left is a bowling alley and the game Hawt Stuff.  Going next door to that they have great toys to play with in the back for those into BSDM.  And mud wrestling & catfighting, even catfighting in a cage, it's great.

Transgender more your thing?"  You go to the back of the first turn and they have GeekyGurl, a T-girl club.

There is a gorgeous waterfall outside in the sand, with plenty of places to stop off and have fun, you can float in the water or cuddle up in a tree.  You are allowed to freelance at this location.

** Lag Rating: 2

I could spend a while @ The InnerGeek Society Social Club, but we lunge forward heading Northwest to find Aibeat Hair Shop.

Walking around and looking at the hairs I notice that the hairs in the shop are geared more towards the African American hair styles.

Going towards the desk there is a free gift out of a hair base, and behind the desk there is a gacha machine out.

If you go upstairs, you can check out the gallery & slap the midnight mania.

You wanna shop, your man board, well send him upstairs where he can wait on you in style.and when your done shopping you can join him and in some dancing before you go to your next location.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After checking out Aibeat, and spending most of our time north, we head to the dirty south to V-Twins a biker clothing apparel shop  As you land on the sim there is writing on the floor telling you what the prices are for what direction.  There are a few freebies out, some dog tags, glasses both for him and her.  Along with an outfits for girls.  On the other side of the sign in the middle is a gacha machine.

Making threw the store I notice there is a causal clothing along with a bridal, piercing, skins & shoes section.  All clothing is discounted as this is V-Twins Outlet on Traffic Jam sim.  It looks like Traffic Jam is a motor bike riding sim.

** Lag Rating: 2

Its funny how these strolls kinda theme themselves, some days I can't get out of BDSM type sims, or pretty places, or even clothing.  Today is a clothing day apparently.  Leaving V-Twins I touch down @ Image Reflections.

When you land at Image Reflection, you will get a group join message and a welcome gift automatically.  You can see the Facebook sign from a far.

 Stopping to check out the cute clothes to check if they are boobie or body friendly.  They are not applier friendly, but they are all mesh.

When you come down to check it out, don't forget to vote for the place using the Fashioncentric sign next to the Midnight Mania board.  And across the room you can find the redelivery kiosk & gifts cards.

** Lag Rating: 3

Now on the 5th sim of the day, clicking the map the store Niramyth came up. It's a werewolf avatar store.  I land in an ice cavern a just a gorgeous place.  Looking around the store, there are a few things here that are not just werewolves though.  I see that they have a new human avatar out.  A bit more jacked then most on SL, but done very well in proportions.  Also they have a Daenotaur which can be color changed of 14 different shades.

Traveling around the sim I ask the only werewolf in the shop when I was there.  I asked him if he minded being part of my picture for the location, and he was kind enough to give me 30 seconds of his time for a shot.  Thank you, Titi2000 =)

The prices seem to be 2799L for an avatar, but you get the body , motion capture animations override, aggressive expression & gestures, talking jaw, blinking eyes, hud for control & color modify, extra large body, detachable mesh body hairs, lots of sound effects, breathing particles & most important AUTOMATIC UPDATES!  They even have an option to purchase for a friend.

They also have a board in the shop which gives you landmarks of RP & Fantasy Sims which would be fitting for the product they sell.

** Lag Rating: 2

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