Monday, January 5, 2015

Adventure 16

As I say goodnight to my special friend Mordicai, I hit the bowl and ask my sister Annabella, (she's also my co-owner of Shame Me Designs with me) if she would like to go strolling with me.  After heading over to Tableeau Vivant to show Annabella the kick ass hair they have out as a group gift as it is a unisex hair, but so not to be missed. We grabbed it and split.

Heading North, we land on Rocky Valley High School RP.  As you land they give you some rules to abide. So basically the rules are to follow TOS and don't be a douche bag. Human avatars only, and no bloodlines.

As I walk down the corridor of shops in the middle there is a swing set you can relax on before going into the role playing itself.  As I go through the door, and about to TP to the play area, you must have the group on to get into the RP section.  The group is free.  It's run like a true high school with classrooms auditorium, gyms and even dorms.  But since this is a rp place and I'm just reporting I should get my ass out of here before I'm caught again lol.  Each classroom is furnished in the style it should be.  The music room is full of different musical instruments.

**Lag Rating: 4

After revisiting my high school years, we turn in our books and head south to Ange's Preab Houses. They have an awesome system out, there is a big vendor out and you can flip through the items offered and if you hit the rezz button you can walk around and explore them before you purchase them.  Most seem to be in low prim & price is fantastic for these houses, dwellings and outside decore.  They have 4 different display sections in the middle of the desert.

**Lag Rating: 2

Annabella yelled out, Colorado, so I smoked another bowl in honor of one of the great marijuana states, stretching out the map and clicked about where Colorado would be on the map lol, the store I found was Lust Creations Sex Furniture & Playground.  They have original object that they have put unique ex poses in.  Mailbox, phone booth, cop car, dumpster, stalls, and if your into the mechanic fantasy there is plenty of stuff here to fix yourself up one.  Or if you just want one night of fun in an urban setting you can hop a teleport to the playground.

**Lag Rating: 2

Finishing up there she screams Ohio, so moving over I find the skin store Mojo, which is not a place that is new too me.  I sometimes blog the store on my freebies blog Yer Mawm.  As I land there is a group gift out, the group is free to join. The skins look more of an older teenager young 20's look to the skins.  Each skin has 30 choices for that particular skin, as the change in eyeshadow & lipstick. Like the shape you can purchase that too.  And they are Tango friendly.

**Lag Rating: 2

To comeplete today's venture, we have landed on Ministry of Motion.  The first thing that jumped out at me was a sign that said "Every Dance Anim on the sim for 1999L check the bigblue barrels!! Fun perms for each section in the red barrels".  But maybe you don't want all the dances, you can get them individually for 99L for transfer and 199L for copy only.  Not only do they have single dances, but they have dances for couples along with hug, embraces and massages.  I could spend hours here exploring all the dances and animations.  As I was about to leave I found the Novelty/Celebrity section.  They have dances like the Time Warp, Carlton, Cabbage Patch, Sweet Georgia Brown, 4 Elvis dances, Cotton Eyed Joe, Mick Jagger, Roger Rabbit and my personal favorite Napoleon Dynamite.

If you turn around you will see 3 dances for free.

**Lag Rating: 3

Until tomorrow....

~ JL

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