Friday, January 23, 2015

Adventure 29

Well today is a happy day.  My mom got a RL job so I'm all bouncy.

Calling my best gal Pix to give me directions.  To be a smarty pants she was going to say EW, but she changed it to NW.  If she would have said EW I would have just picked a place on the sim I stay on with my gorgeous Cai.

Anyway moving on, the first location I come up with is Avatar Fitness Club.  First off you land and there is a bike which you can rezz to the left. If this years resolution is to get in better shape they have a live class every Wednesday @ 5pm SLT in the lounge.

Join the free club and try the cycles, treadmills, yoga, climbing wall, pool, weight room, aerobics, and member lounge.

** Lag Rating: 1

Stop # 2:

Update: This is the first time this has happened.  I try to research the places well before putting them on the blog, but I made a mistake.  The owner of Candid Memories informed me that the studio was in deed a private residence.  I truly apologize for intruding in his privacy.


Talking a few pics was fun, then we move Northwest to Kim's Sex Beach Paradise.  Where we were greeted by a little black cat and 4 choice direction.

If you walk forward there is a good size hut that supplies you with private sky boxes for a little fun. When you keep going there are little items off to the side you can sneak off too.

You a newbie and the linden gods did not supply with some goods you can purchase downstairs enhancements there at the sim.

Once you get to the beach itself, you can rezz a couple boat and go for a romantic ride.  If you follow the trails on the shore you can find tons of romantic stuff around to cuddle or do a little more.  Hell Cai even found a hot tub in the middle of paradise.

** Lag Rating: 2

It was nice to make it to the beach being that I live in Spokane, Washington and it ALWAYS snows here.  But we must leave it behind as we travel south to Nivaro Male Skin Emporium

I love running into guy places, for one it shows Cai new guy places obviously.  But being out to spread the news to the men as they are horribly represented in SL.  In my years of being on SL, women bitch about the men looking like shit on SL.  That's because they have no choice, there's not enough men places out there.

This place not only has nice looking skins for guys but they also have Slink appliers, and different beards are also for purchase.

** Lag Rating: 1

To finish the day out we head south once more to Addicted.  One of the stores in the Fashion Boulevard sim.  The building is huge, its the whole length of a sim.  Going for the more of the conservative side of fashion. For those that prefer not to let it all hang out.  So of course I couldn't find anything in it myself, cause the less the better for me.  But I have heard of several people ask for more modest clothing.

** Lag Rating: 2

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL & MF

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