Thursday, January 1, 2015

Adventure 14

As I'm up early cause I haven't slept after a mellow night at home last night, taking a break for the holiday yesterday I'm eager to jump into it today.  As I reach for a mornin' bowl, I land in my direction East landing on Fashionnatic.

Seconds after I landed I got distracted by the gorgeous guy that landed inches away from me.  And off to the tour I go...

Checking out the clothing here you get many pieces for the price, including slink, and tango clothing.  If you click the ad you are interested in a menu comes down and you can choose to try the demo before purchase.

They have a hunt going on, "What Do You Sell Hunt 3" Ending January 1.

** Update: If you join the group for 50L there are 29 shoe gifts  available.

After enjoying checking out clothes I head Northwest to Botanica Winery & Vinyard Supply.  A peaceful morning store through gorgeous wine country or if your lazy you can always call on a Great Eagle to fly you around the sim and check out what they have to offer.  Or perhaps a Hay Cart is more your thing.

Any foliage you see is for purchase.  Think it would look great in your garden, take it home with you.  Walking into the closest building available near the Great Eagle is a shop set up like a real boutique.  It's very quaint.  Lots of their plants or trees are 1L.

As I put my shoes back on after walking through the grass I head south to {The Boudoir}.  As you land here you land in a sky sphere, there is a sign with rules, group joiner & two teleports, Boudoir Lounge & Boudoir Club.

Deciding to take the Lounge side I come to what the inside of my new friend Mordicai's house.  A few people sitting around the tv set.  Turning around and going through a covered door there is a hallway with little cuddle places you can find some privacy with someone special.

Next place I check out is the club.  This club as a very unique design.  Many unique areas to watch your favorite lady shake her tail feather. And off to the side is a place you can lounge with a bar, and 2 games: Cupidity & Greedy.

After checking out {The Boudoir} it's only fitting that I go west and run into a Country Couture Trading Company.  If you are looking for cowboy boots or anything of that nature this place has various items throughout the building for both male and female.  They even have male jeans with chaps.  They have gacha's for both men and women.  They also have slink shoes for ladies.

As I leave the country for I head north to Runaround Sue's Sock Hop.  Landing on a checked dance floor greeted instantly by Janine the host of the morning.  Looking around the dancefloor on the side of the floor is a is a classic car, on the floor next to them are memory candles, dedicated to the memory of SusieQ Patel.

They have been open for 7 years now.  Doing the best in 50, 60, & early 70's music.  There is a small strip mall on the other side of the dance floor.  If you go a little further north, there is a veteran's memorial, which you can say a pray for a solider of today or yesterday.  There is even a small lovers lane where you can check out the gorgeous scenery with someone to hold close.  Across the small bridge there is small shops across the river.

Hope everyone had a fun & exciting New Years...

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL 

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