Saturday, January 31, 2015

Adventure 35

After listening to Cai do a set at Outlaw Country we head Northwest to Deco.

Deco has high quality mesh items, men and women clothing, accessories for both sexes.  Lots of military style clothing including tactical vests.

As we wander around it looks for more focused on men.  As the full upstairs is geared towards men.

Looking at the ski masks theirs different colors and some even have designs on them like Captain America mask.

There's even a section for hair for both sexes as well.

If you go outside the store and go the other direction you can follow the trail to the greenhouse. Inside you can get plants, sunflowers, and Christmas trees there.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Going from one extreme to another.  We headed west to Slutland Escort Club a place full of freelance escorts and strippers, with advertisements everywhere.

They have 3 rooms that are available to have fun with the ladies, but they are for 2 hours at a time.

Near the side of the shops there is a closed off section that is a bit more intimate setting.  With very sexual pictures up inside.

Also they have a ladies club where women only service women.

If you're looking for a sexy place to live you can even rent apartments that are furnished.  For 299L a week you can rent an apartment that has 2250 sex animations in your living space.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Going down from the Slutland we catch another sex place called The Keyhole Club.  Where you can watch or be watched.

You can run through the market of stores to reach the club or you can take the teleport at the beginning to save the time.  Although I do think running through it at least once would be a good idea.  Might find something you've been looking for.

Once you get to the club there are dance poles everywhere.  They even have one for freelance dancers.  Oh that was sweet of them.  Their are rooms upstairs for fun time with a class room, spa, office, Dr. Office, game room, & kitchen.

Walking past the strip mall you can see the Fook Inn which is a hotel with no doors so you can watch people get it on if that's your thing.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Moving back west we land at Wasted Days a Fallout Equestria Roleplay sim.    If you look behind you and go to the building in the back where it says visitors center it will give you more information on the land.

Inside there is a huge map to show you whats available.

Or you can go to the telporter where it gives you many options to land in.  Ranger, Railway, San Palomino, Two Bears, Styx, Scavenging, Vortex, Player Build, suits, stables, enclave, & range.

If you know what you want jump down the rabbit hole and jump in the action.

To follow the story line there are huge glowing ! marks will help you out.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

After wandering around the the fallout role play we land at Tropicana Salsa Ballroom.  Apparently I'm completely under dressed.  Cai looks like  he fits right in.

If your like me and wasn't expecting to come to a fancy place you can purchase something on the side where there are pretty clothes.

This place is a Spanish place, where the people speak it and play the music.  The build is fantastic.  As it looks like the floor is reflecting the build.  If you pan out we are all sitting in a piano, flipping awesome.

And before I was able to finish this post Cai had to leave me.  Which forces me to get to other things I need done lol.  Anyway, if you speak Spanish you will probably understand the place more.  Since I don't know much lol.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Till Tomorrow

~ JL & MF


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