Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Adventure 17

After dealing with some vicious back pain I smoke 2 bowls this stroll before I even start. Chatting up my bestie CharityTrinity, we go strolling and land at a sim called Club Soho.

As you land you fall on a bridge, walking across the bridge, there is an open stage.  The club is clean and stylish.  The club had been taking a break since after the holidays, but it will be back up and running on Thursday. Until then it is open stage.  They run high traffic Thursday through Sunday.  Saturday is Trace day. And Saturday & Sunday it runs 24 hours. They will be having their 1 year anniversary February 7th.

** Lag Rating: 2

After chatting with a nice lady @ Club Soho.  We head North to Sexy City..  Landing next to a nice tree there are 2 benches you can sit on, as you read the rules.  As I read the rules they stress no children, Animals, Weapons, bloodlines or combat.

Taking a right as you land there is a basketball court where there are love balls on the benches.  If you take the dirt road instead of the right, you come on a wooded area with a gorgeous trail and wonderful little stash away places.  As we travel through the woods we come along this gorgeous older house.  Each room is equipped with places to get down.

Going back to the city its built very nicely in an urban setting. Secret places.

** Lag Rating: 3

Leaving the Urban life we head East and land on Tranquility Grove & Elegance By Elysa.  As we landed its a pretty wooded area.  There is an elegant Japanese Home there.  With a table set out where you can drink at an asian table or dance in the other room.

Across the yard is a sign that says Welcoming Committee, if you click it it gives you a free hud where you can pet anyones meeroos.  Cute idea.

As you walk around you can find a grotto, and if the last place was a bit too hard core for you this place would be the place for you, instead of having places for sex around the sim, they have special places to cuddle.

** Lag Rating: 2

Leaving the Japanese type sim, 69 Park Ave GQ. Going just west of my own store, Shame Me Designs, Landing in the store 69 Park Ave GQ.  They have Shoes, Uniforms, Wedding, Formal & Casual departments.  The first floor is more elegant formal clothing, second floor is a bit more of the casual look, still well done and classy.  This store has attire for both men and women.  Very nice clothing for a VERY reasonable price.  There are models around In the formal section they have a romantic dinner set up it seats two and comes with champagne.  If you join the group which is 69L, there is a good size amount of gifts here.  The gifts are scattered so check it out thoroughly.

** Lag Rating: 2

To finish the last leg of the stroll we finish off @ LochMe.  It's a RLV Playground in a forest type setting on an island.  On the hill they have a big barn where apparently you can get milked.  I'm not quite sure about it.  Never experienced the Milk Maid part of SL.

There are TP's throughout the sim, to help you get around.  Barn, Castle, Dungeon, Greedy Room, Prison, Mall & Latex Lab.  This place would take hours to explore it properly.  So many RLV toys and things to get in trouble with.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

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