Monday, February 2, 2015

Adventure 36

So my gorgeous man left early.  Leaving me jaw with the best woman of SL, owner of PixyStix, Pix.  As I roast a bowl and gear up for adventure 36.

First place I land on InterRacial Dreamz. Where I landed in the middle of the property.  They have a Greedy table out in the middle.  There are 2 major buildings the club & motel.

The club has 3 strip poles 2 bars   If you move upstairs there is a very elegant living room setting where you can warm by the fire.  Slight more private across the room, a nice couch with pose balls.

 Goin' down you will find a dungeon.  A bed attached to the wall.  You can cuddle, sit solo, FFM, MMF foreplay, lesbian, and sex.  It is Xcite & RLV friendly.

Across that room there's a toilet.  I don't even want to know lol. Moving further down the rabbit hole so to speak  you find a throne which has Dominate/Slave animations. If you make it to the end you will find a red dragon bed.  It's very pretty and has 3 somes, male on male, girl on girl, and BDSM.

Be careful of the complaint department, its a bitch.

Across the way at the hotel there are 8 rooms with awesome beds with the safe features as above.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going Southeast to Lost Junction a store of interesting things.  If your looking for pizza, hot dog, pies, they have it.

Houseware like living room settings, wind chimes, guitars, pillows and things.

Also mythological items like skins, tridents,  masks and strange statues.

If you go upstairs there's tons of gacha's.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After having to run back to the Interracial love place to take a pic because I forgot I went south to Clinton's Free Pregancy and Fertility Clinic.

If you're looking for a job they are hiring.  Nurses make 1KL a week, nurse midwives 1KL,

Looking for a clinic to go to this place has Delivery rooms, water births, home births, pregnancy test, paternity tests, ultrasounds, check up, fertility consultations, insemination, custom shapes and nurse/doctor training.

This is realistic pregnancy roleplay for Mama Allpha customers.  Although anyone can come and check it out.

** Lag Rating: 2

Pregnancy just isn't my thing.  So I moving north I stumble across Groovy Pet's Zoo.  At first I was worried because I thought that I might run into a bunch of furries in cage waiting to be pet.  But to my delight, its actually a zoo.

The nearest exhibit is Australia.  Where you can purchase kangaroos & Ostrich with menus.

A kennel with puppies, beds, dog house and puppy food.

Feeling a chill she looks across to see Iceland where there are penguins, bears and some shoulder pets.

If a warmer claimant is your thing you can check out the jungle, Gorilla, Chameleons, attacking spiders

More into the smaller kinds, try a fox, bears, weasels, ferret, owl, or butterflies.

The back half is the water part, if you are looking for creatures for your beach scene, this is a good place.  They have Sea Lions, Dolphins, splashing dolphins, clapping hands, and black-headed gull.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Headed east I land at AfterLife Designers, when I saw it on the map I thought it was going to be gothic clothing but that's the best thing about this stroll, you think you know where you're going to find.  It was completely different.  I ran into AfterLife Blood Bank with a big sign in the door way saying "We Sell & Buy Souls".

They say their the only Bloodlines Shop to Guarantee all their products.

I'm totally clueless when it comes to this stuff, but through my strolling of different sims.  I learn a bit more each time I go.  Not just with the Bloodline stuff but many things I have experienced already since starting this blog.

So back to the place there's a big sign inside that says that they have 44 Simple Souls, 733 Lieged Souls & 1 Legacy Souls.

This place is full of Bloodline's Compatible items like coffins, blood tanks, bone prisms, Lumen & Blood.

** Lag Rating: 2

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