Thursday, February 12, 2015

Adventure 45

When I logged onto blogger and see how much the blog was growing I got all giggly and smoked a fatty.  Couldn't wait to get started on today's adventure.  To watch them numbers just fly.  I've also decided that I will be offering advertising once the stroll hits 3 months.  But anyway... on to the show.

Today's stroll outfit is something I've had in my inventory for a while.  I headed off to Lushish Catz to see if it was still available.  Unfortunately, it's not in the store, but you can still find it on Marketplace.  The skin is from one of my favorite skin creators in SL, Drop Dead Gorgeous.  If you haven't been to that store you should really check it out.  Hair is from Wasabi Pills, who hasn't heard of Wasabi Pills.  They have awesome mesh hair.

For more information about the stroll look check out "My Haters Motivate Me".

Since I'm wearing Lushish Catz I figure might as well start there and use once more to direct me where to go. Being that Lushish Catz is pretty close to the bottom of the map I'm glad to see west is the direction that I need to go.

Hot Wife Club is where I landed.  Everyone is quite friendly here.  As I was greeted by the lovely Spice.  I can drool over her accent, but there was much more to drool over as there was an underwater orgy going on in voice.  The guy there sounded hot as hell.  Had to turn it off so I can get some work done lol.

It is highly suggested that you at least listen to voice here as it will affect your experience.  Most of the entertainment is the chat.  Females must be voice verified.  They are very strict on confirming you're a true lady.  Even going as far as detecting a morpher device or even cam verify if not sure.

Hot Wife Club has over 240 ladies for your enjoyment.  This place is extremely diligent on the happiness of ladies.  Respect is demanded here & measures will be taken if women are harassed.

This place is perfect for those that enjoy an open relationship.  The term wife and husband is very open here.  Exploring an avenue you might not experience in RL. But isn't that what SL is all about.  A place to experience things you may not in RL.

In the bar area there are boards full members use to share information so other members can get to know you.  Don't forget to ad a pic & notecard to introduce yourself.  This community is very friend, and involved with each other.

To become a member there is a 200L joining fee.  If you want to check out the place before you become a member you can get a week trail to check out the joint

Maybe you don't want to participate, maybe watching is more your thing or perhaps swinging.  You can find it all here as long as you respect everyone's limits..

Once you land there are some small houses along the side towards the outdoor dance floor.  They are rentable, although I didn't see any open right now.  Along the back of the outdoor club there are just darlin' wooden cabins for rent also, I did see some open for rent.

The outdoor club is awesome, the floor is clear and you can watch dolphins swim under your feet, there is a small bar attached and across the room is comfy chairs which has all sorts of naughty in them.

Down on the dock you can rezz a boat to explore the sim, and find out whats going on on the other side of the water.  I swam across the water to walk through a gorgeous waterfall to find a cove with a bed & tiki torches.

There are sections which you need to be a member to enjoy.  The manager Spice gave me a pass to check out the place.  The first place I walk into after teleporting is an office which you can play out the secretary fantasy.

Then there are boards everywhere to show you the members, sprinkled in with strip poles and lovely chairs.

All and all its a pretty dandy place.

** Lag Rating: 2

Northeast from Muddy's Music Cafe.  A nicely wooded building.  When I walked in it was pretty full.  There's a big sign that announces that they were nominee for both Best Rock Club & Favorite venue.  As I'm writing this one of my favorite songs play, "Thinking out loud" By Ed (can't remember the first name).

First off this is a PG sim.  They have single or couple dance machines everywhere. As I was writing this I heard the DJ say something very interesting.  She said that if you have a smart phone you can download "Tunesin Radio Application" once you do that type in Muddy's music cafe and listen to the stream even when you're in RL.

Maybe you just want to enjoy the music, there are a pretty setting up stairs where you can watch people dance. They play 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's.  Playing Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classic Rock mostly.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Headed south Inspire Space Park caught my attention.  After landing I was amazed by the build they have going here.  It's a dance club and you''re dancing on a rock in what looks like a meteor.  Rocks flying around and planets close.  

The music is very soothing.  I know of people that keep their avis logged in just to listen to the music of the sim.  Well if you have trouble relaxing, the music here will definitely help with that.  They have a pretty extensive dance system.  

I recommend having a darker lighting to enjoy the atmosphere better.  There are a few places to you can sit down and enjoy.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southeast is the next location, landing on Junebug.  A fantasy and vintage fashion.  As you land you will receive a group invite.  Be careful not to accept before reading the group cost 200L to join.  But the first thing you see when you turn around there are 2 gorgeous dresses as a group gift, which far pays for the group off the bat.

I can see why they call it fantasy, because I would fantasize about these kinda dresses for prom when I was young.  The clothes have gorgeous textures and unique cuts.  Remember when dealing with mesh don't forget to try the demos.

There is a room off to the side of the new section which has nothing but gacha machines.  Some of the gacha have demos above it.  Try them out before trying the gachas.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Today's last sim is SL Coast Guard Training Center.  As I land there I was greeted by some very respectful men.  Walking around to the front to check the place out, there are a few chairs & picnic facing out the beautiful ocean.  

If you make it up all those stairs to be snoopy, you can see helicopter landing pads.  They awesome makes for some awesome views of the scenery. Ahead is protected water to enter the river.

Going back around the front of the scuba pool you will see how you can join the SL Coast Guard.  Click the board to receive 6 different notecard to read through to become a candidate.  It is run like real life.  Sexual Harassment is not tolerated. 

Dropping down into the scuba pool I look straight and see great sea life below.  Come dive and swim with Shrimp, Killer Whales, Sharks, and many other sea creatures. Or swim through an underwater hamster tub and drop down into a submarine.

Well what is the SL Coast Guard?  It was founded in 2005.  Educating boating residents in watercraft safety.  Conducting water safety and security patrols. And available for Coast Guard presence in RP events.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL

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