Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adventure 54

I've recently reconnected with a good friend.  I use to blog her stuff when I was buried in my fashion blog, My Haters Motivate Me.  Then I came up with the stoner stroll and it's kinda taken a back seat. Hence why I decided to add fashion to the stroll in the first place.  Anyway, I got all dressed smoked a bowl and her store happened to be in the direction I was going.  When I got there I told her about my blog so she let me go through her store and pick something out to wear.  I picked something that was older of hers because I love me a good tracksuit.

Most of her stuff is very girly. I'm more of the tomboy type.  It's funny that all 3 of my closest girls are the frilly girly type and I'm so not.

This outfit is from Pink Pearl Designs, it comes with hoodie, pants & shoes.  The hair is from Emotions (which I couldn't find anymore) & the skin is the new release from Birth.  You can find out more information on My Haters Motivate Me.

Today's first stop is Pink Pearl Designs/ The Romano Collection.  She has a fantastic mix of both mesh and system clothing.  She's also working really hard to get appliers for her outfits going.  All the newer stuff has them. Omega & TMP is coming soon.

Each one of her outfits comes with many parts and nothing is over 199L. Which is a steal because she puts a lot of work in her clothing.  Most outfits come with either shoes or other accessories.

It's a big store, but there is a teleport system to help you get around easier.
She has 1950's Vintage, Bridal, Dresses, Formal Gown, Lingerie, Men's Formal, New Releases & Slink Shoes.

Her bridal section is to die for, she has highly detailed wedding & bridemaids dresses.  She even does Boutineers, flower baskets, and bouquets.

She's really doing her part to represent the males in SL she has some kick ass stuff for the regular guy.  From casual to formal she's got it all.

All Lola clothing is 49L.  But if you join the group you get 10% off of everything, so you'd get 10% off the already 49L specials.

Each season she has a special room off to the side and always has a room full of new stuff for holidays.

There are 4 different gift cards you can choose from as well. 100L, 250L, 500L & 1000L.

** Lag Rating: 2

I feel a theme coming on... lol... and I'm so not dressed for it lol.  Going South takes me to Eternally Yours.  Winter's almost over and spring is coming.  It's never too early to start planning your big day.

This place is all about the setting up part of the planning.  The have different packages:

Elopement package that has intimate ceremony, minster officiant, venue of choice, portraits & rehearsal/pose alignment.

Romantic Start with planner, minister, intimate number of guests, portraits.

A Memorable Day with planner, minister, venue w/personalization, unlimited guests, portraits detailing your day & wedding coordinator,

Sweet Elegance with planner, minister, personalized ceremony w/reception, unlimited guests, portraits, DJ for both ceremony and reception & coordinator..

Grand Affair with planner, minister, personalized ceremony, reception, unlimited guests, full photography package, album, DJ & coordinator.

Ultimate Blowout is the biggest package with minister, planner, venue w/personalization, portraits, wedding coordinator and videographer.

Click the board of your choosing to get more details.  They are also hiring for all positions.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next location is The Wet Peach Rock N' Roll Sex Club.  I believe I was here about a week ago when I was skipping around bored.  It seems like it has a fun atmosphere.  The people are friendly and they allow naked dancing here.

Their dance hud has an extensive list of dances, so I thought I'd do this one dancing while I cam around.  I love the music they play.  I'm digging the feel of the place.  I might frequent this place myself.

There are several places to sit and relax.  With single, friends or cuddle poses.  Along with scattered tables for dancers to strip.

They also have 2 bars, pool table,  and an awesome dance floor.  Did I mention you can get naked here?

** Lag Rating: 3

Getting off the dirty land of Zindra once again before I get myself in trouble there.  Heading West to Black Pearl Island.  Where you land in a gazebo with a walk way lit by torches.

On the wall it tells you that clothes are optional beyond the wood enclosure.

Another gorgeous beach scene with towels out to bask in the sun.  And sexy furniture throughout. Very nice pieces.  And this place is well planned out.

In the middle of it is this huge house, fully decorated with every luxury for a romantic night out.  This would be a great place for a honeymoon.  They even have sailing here.

** Lag Rating: 2

The last place is unique.  Something I haven't seen here.  Going Southwest for my last location.  I fall on the doorstep of Burning Desire.  A huge Tiki building.  Each room is furnished, even with a lady in it.  You would say this would be a place for guys that just want to visual and no back talk lol.

The walls are covered with some nice erotic RL art.  There is a teleport system within the house to help you move around easier.  Each room is different.  Decorated with plants for the jungle feeling.

Guys ever wanted a 3 way but your chick's worried about strings.  Test it out here.  At least you get the visual lol.

After reading the profile of the owner I assume that at different times they have real slaves walking around as he collects them for his place.  He is looking for more so if you're a slave looking for a place to call home you should look him up.  MasterM.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

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