Thursday, February 19, 2015

Adventure 49

I start off at Les Terres d'Asylum when I headed South from the hair store Little Bones.  Dressed all smexy and ready to see what this adventure has in store for me.

Today's outfit is by Delish, unfortunately they do not have a in world shop, but I so felt like wearing this outfit today.  It comes with the short sand the top, I'm wearing my own pasties though.  The hair is one of the group gifts from Little Bones.  They have a section on the wall with past gifts.

Landing on the shore of Les Terres d'Asylum, where there is a bonfire to chat a midnight.  From this direction there are 3 direction you can go.  If you go left there is a dock which looks like you can bring your boat in and explore the island.  Or you can go right into a cave, which if you have a love hud you can make it very romantic.

The last direction is straight ahead.  Going straight up the stairs there is a cell.  Going inside is a cave like cell, and a small hole on the left over looking the beach.  Or you can go up the ladder to higher ground another lookout point.

Forest like surroundings with animals scattered about.  This role play sim is yet another gorgeous place to take pictures at. Wandering around I found a white gate.  Just past it are some horses where you can pose next to them as they have 3 pose options a piece.

Once I get deeper inside this sim it somewhat reminds me of Halo.  Futuristic items through a gorgeous sim setting.  Mixing medieval with technology.  There are towers where you can see the landscape. Chairs where you can enjoy a nice beer or tea.

I feel upon a small village, made of stone and wood.  Very cute set up, along the waterfront.

** Lag Rating: 2

Northeast is the next direction landing in Family Tree Company.. A maternity center, set up for both the Spanish community & English speakers..  On one side you can read the packages in Spanish. And the other side is English.  They offer birth certificates, photograph, gym work out, and a gynecology appointment. Also at the desk you can pick up a notecard that gives you information about the business.

There's a playground out for children with a slide and swings in the courtyard.

Looking around, there are a few shops empty.  If you own a store that is child related you might wanna put a satellite store to target your core customers.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

It seems that I can't get away from the BDSM sims lol.  So here goes another one.  This one is maledom & femdom.  Landing on an island Dark Decadence.  A scenic landscape outside, with a gazebo with dancing and Greedy by waterfall.

Inside the cave there are RLV enhanced toys around.  With traps everywhere and plenty of people to play with.  There are plenty of places to explore.  A chat room, orgy, dancing, padded prison, Romance Room, Slut Compound, and waterfall.

Seems they are having a relaunch of the sim.  They are going to have a live DJ, male and female pleasure slaves, dancers, and loads of prize giveaway.  This is happening, February 21st 2015 @ 1pm to 3pm SLT.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going back West I come along SlutWear by Lexi.  Seems like my type of place.  Outside the building you can see what groups they are a part of.  Also they have a bloggers application outside the door along with a Phat Azz developer kit.  They are also supporters of Mesh Physique.  They also have a few hunts going on.

Peaking inside I can see that they produce revealing clothing that works with Omega, Wowmeh & Slink appliers.  Off to the side is the most recent new releases.

Deeper inside the store I notice that other clothes are more applier friendly like Phat Azz, Brazilia, Banned, Ghetto, Perfect & Tango.

They also sell tattoos that goes over your breast like Cockwhore, His Toy, His Pet, and other slutty names.  Down the wall I see the Spunk Lover's Hud which I encountered for the first time in the last post..  Also an Anal Sex Hud.

** Lag Rating: 2

After running into a few places that were private I run across Henmation.  Motion Capture technology. which is pretty interesting. Another thing that is pretty different about this place, or at least to me is they have a shopping guide hud.  Finding products easy by using it.  Just attached to it and check out what they have too offer.

They have couples dances like Tango, Jive, Rumba, Swing, Latin, Club, Salsa, Bachata & Ballroom.

Male dances like HIphop, club, Gangnam, House LA Stylem Breakdancing, Hardstyle Shuffle,  Detroit Shuffle, Industrial, Funky House, King of Pop, Rock, and other dances.

They also have dance chairs, power poles, table dance, burlesque, and I am LOVIN' the Dance & Strip dances.  There's so much to go through here it would take forever to check out each one.

There are a few of the sensual dances I plan on coming back and grabbing later.

** Lag Rating: 2

Till Tomorrow...

~ JL


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