Monday, February 2, 2015

Adventure 37

Finishing up dinner, smoking a bowl, then going and testing the foam machine for the FOAM PARTY my man Cai's DJin' at for Vday @ Outlaw Country. And sending a friend to an awesome free photography place which is Image Essentials.

Cai and I both go to a new land East to The Dark Sanctuary.  A huge castle that takes forever to move around the build.  It is Bloodline friendly.  And has a flag of Ireland posted outside.

Once you walk in there is a huge room on the left is a piano where you can have your own Pretty Woman moment of having sex on it.  Or meditation before a big couch for many to sit and chat.

Going to the room to your right, there is Cards Against Humanity, Greedy, Unknown.

On the other side has music equipment and great for an older gothic picture.

If you walk behind the music room you will see a set of stairs which leads to a dance floor.

Going outside you can follow the trail to the cemetery.

Please do not go upstairs in the castle, as they are living quarters

** Lag Rating: 2

Moving South we land at Arwen's Creations.  Specializing in Medieval, Fantasy, & Cultural Roles.  It has classy period dresses, & boots  Then going in deeper you can find several different Hijab's (yes I had to look it up), the veil mask combo.

There is also a small Native American section, very well made.

And if you make your way around to the other side you will see the Valentine's day section where there are 18 times out.

** Lag Rating: 2

When I tp'd to the new place I landed in what I thought was another human ant farm.  I had to camera in to find a place to sit.  Luckily it was in the courtyard which is a good place to start.

Welcome to the World of Hogwarts, so all you Harry Potter fans should love this one.

They have a Valentine's Ball on Saturday February 14th, @ 11AM Formal clothing required.

This place is like a maze.  Doors everywhere leading to hallways and different rooms.  If your a wanderer this place should be fun for you.

You must wear proper uniforms on the sim but holidays and weekends.  Skirts must be knee length and have stockings or leggings under them.  Good I'm wearing long pants today which is rare lol.

Pets allowed owls, toads, cats, pygmy puffs.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going Northeast we land @ The Fuck Hole.  Before we landed I thought it would be like an underground thing.  But to my shock we land in the middle desert, where there are broken down buildings.and people partying on the roof.

Also there's a broke down bar with pool table which you can fuck on. Most places has something you can have fun on.  A bed, stripping pole, gas stations, trailers, getting fucked against a wall. or inside the chop shop.

It looks like a down forgotten town with lots of sex in it.

** Lag Rating: 2

I instantly got a horrible sharp pain in my tooth so thank good this is the last place for the night, cause right after posting this I'm going to bed.

The last place in the adventure tonight is Black Orchid Horde, which is a Bloodline friendly place, although there is no biting inside the club.

In the front of club there is a tp that takes you to different part of the sims, a castle, mall, paint balling, turning area & race track.

Tping to the race track there is a whole skybox of it, where you can race bikes or cars.

** Lag Rating: 2

Till tomorrow....

~ JL & MF


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