Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Adventure 39

SL's voice has been really weird tonight, but after figuring it out.  Cai & I smoke a bowl on our way.

Headed west, I land on All She Wants which is a female clothing store.  It looks like a room full of affiliate vendors. The clothing seems to be from Sweet Temptation.  They also have a shoes, the shoes are amazing. and some are slink.

** Lag Rating: 1

Next stop is Merlific Avatars.  I was thinking it was going to be different kinds of avatars like Orcs, Elves or something like that.  Once we land we see sarcastic shirts, clothing, tattoos & gestures.

There is a dress here that was made on Belleza Mesh Body.

They have a few gacha machines too.  And a nice group gift, which group is free.

** Lag Rating: 2

Pasha BDSM & Doll Community is our next stop.  Wandering around the mall the first building we walk into Cai questioned where I took him.  It's a very kinky place with latex suits like the Murder House.  Penises, muzzles, hooves blind folds, & whips.

There are big signs around announcing a Hugo's Design Latex Party, Sugar & Spice 1000L Gift Card to the winner of the "Best In Latex" contest.  Free $250L Gift Cards for everyone.  Saturday the 7th @ 12-2pm SLT.

Another thing on the sim is Sugar & Spice a dance club that has dancers and escorts.  Also there is a huge sign to keep you updated on BDSM events.

Moving our way around the sim, I stumble on a slave compound.  Collars must be worn at all times. All subs & slaves must wear an open collar beyond the point of the door.

If you walk past the compound there is an outside section with some BDSM items over looking the water.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

As I was looking for places in the Northwest I saw a sim named Amalthea which is the display name of my gorgeous gal Pix, owner of PixyStix.  When we landed the first thing I thought was that we landed in Oregon Trail.  Being greeted by an oxen carrying a wagon.  There's a big board in front of it you click to teleport to another room which there are basic Gorean information and stuff about Wagon people.

Walking out I felt like I was one with the range.  As I swung my camera around I saw that there was a Bosk staring at me.  There are many parts of the sim we could not experience because there are sections you must have a group tag to be there.

It's a beautiful place to take pictures, role play as it is a Gorean Sim.  Animals, landscape, hidden tunnels, wagons and a river.

** Lag Rating: 2

After heading to one place, we hit another RP place.  Isle of Debauchery.  Sounds pretty kinky to me. We were greeted by two nice people telling us a big about the sim.  You land in this one room giving you a huge map of the land below.  There are several key places like Captive Waterfall, Temple of the Slick Beaver, 27 Sins Tavern, Harbor and Boathouse, Slave Training Area.

Walking forward there is a tp where you go to get down to the rping.   They give non members 30 minutes to wander around and check out the place.  To become a member you have to pay 500L. Agent was kind enough to let us wander around long enough to do the piece on the place.

Once you get down to the land its beautiful, with flowers and trees.  Well crafted buildings very warm feeling.  There is a tavern with scattered toys and furniture around.  An amazing palace which gives you great view of the land, with some furniture in it, even a hot tub.

Probably my favorite part is the waterfall.  It's flipping awesome, you climb ladders to get to private destinations.  And once you make it up to top you can see the entire sim from there.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

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