Sunday, February 8, 2015

Adventure 42

Today's going to be opposite day.  Since I was on the bottom of the map and I asked my Pix what direction to go and she said S.  So Opposite it is.

Going North, the first shop I come along is Sassy's Bad Day Kidnap/Capture Products.  Right in front of me is two landing pads for helicopters.  Then I turn around and check out the store.

There is some items scattered across the front of the store, a stripper pole, light pole w/animations. A lap dance chair, life traps, or shoot yourself out of a cannon.

Going inside at the door they have a Phat Azz RLV Strip Sync Script.  And a dress which you can wear or even carry with you.

Bad Day Victim Tracker, hunt Bad Day victims across the grid, profiles, pictures and force tp.  You can force strip, control clothing & compatible plug ins.  The next thing I see is something I was wondering about for ages, but I found it.  See why I love this stroll lol.  They have fully interactive jeans which can be self operated or by others, where you can do an interactive strip dance.

They also have Bad Day Scenes, full RP scenes.  Pick through 7 or get as many as you like.  There is also some plug ins that work with the hud like, workzone, tramp lamp, fence of frenzy, chair of despair, and 3somes.  You can test out a lot of the product before purchase.

I forgot to take a pic of the location because I was stoned.  So after doing the Elf Forest location I came back to take the pic.  As I was twirling around on the nearest strip pole, which I am famous for jumping on lol.  There is a box that gives you a folder of adult sims for Bad Days.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

So sometimes when I do the directions from the map I tend to land in private residences.  This time I interrupted someones movie night, where I was circled by Furries.  They were extremely nice and walked me over to the club.

Walking over to it they have a killer Stargate ring at the entrance.  We stopped to chat a bit the owner telling me important information about the club.  Like that they do three hour sets starting from 4pm slt to 10pm slt.  It's a mixture club where furries and humans can mix.  They have themes and the music matches the theme.

So come to Club Atlantis and see who you can meet.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next stop on Opposite day is Northeast, settling on Elf Forest.  As you land on this pretty land there is a free dance & cuddle hud available for free.  And after traveling only a few steps inside the forest I can see that the hud would be quite useful on this sim.

There are so many places to stop and take pictures.  With unicorns, statues. mushrooms, deer and benches I'm sure you will find somewhere or something to take a picture of.

** Lag Rating: 2

Landing on the next sim, a notecard pops up, "The Dirty Side Of Paradise". Reading the notecard I can see why they call this what they do.  It's very pretty on a beach, with a big screen put out to watch porn with strip poles. They have a BDSM house, along w/a rape house.  They do have RLV related items here.  Orgies, voyeurism, gangbangs  and stripping encouraged.

Few rules to live by, no hunting or biting, no flying, scat, shitplay or children, no escorting soliciting basically don't be a douche.

There are tiny homes you can use called Beach House that you can find a little privacy to be dirty.

Each building has the name of activity available.  Their not guarded very much so privacy might be a factor.

** Lag Rating: 2

My last direction Pix gave me today was to go Southeast, and being that its opposite day I went Northwest. to Calypso Nights a ladies only all male revue.

I was able to speak with the owner for a bit and she informed me that not only is it a male dance club but they also have a nude beach, party pier and a pool area.  In April or May they will be adding a Gentlemen's Club.

So I walk back to the landing point to see where normal people come in, i walk away from the club to check out the deck (a.k.a, Party Pier) action they have here, a gorgeous bridge hang out with various games like Greedy, Cards Against Humanity, Cheesy, & Chess.  There is also a dance machine to enjoy the deck w/ as you party at the bar.

I ran through the nude beach quickly, and clothed I might add. and they did a great job, with places to relax and have some romantic time or float out on a donut in the middle of the water. Or enjoy the campfire near the beach shore.

Heading toward the pool with floaties and donuts in the water. This place is so gorgeous.  This sim is WAY more then just a ladies club.  Sexy coves to get lost in and spots to cuddle in private.

Coming up to the club itself there is a car to the right.  There is a sign over it that says donate 500L or more and you will receive a Mercedes Car which is not only driveable but a car you can get some in =P

Calypso Nights is a Bloodline friendly club but they do not tolerate biting, scratching, feeding, or recruiting violators will be ejected and banned from club.

Event times are Monday through Saturday 1 to 3pm slt.  And they also have a live broadcast on Audio Nation Radio w/Shamas Maximus every Thursday from 8 to 10pm slt.

** Lag Rating: 1

Till Tomorrow...

~ JL

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