Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adventure 52

I've been a busy beaver.  Some switching up of the avi is good for the soul. It was time for a change since I've had the same shape for almost 8 years now.  Tomorrow is my 8th rezz day.  I can't believe I've been around so long.

The store  is no longer in world but he snagged it from Marketplace.  Here is the slurl for the shirt & pants.

Today we start off heading NE to The 1920's Berlin Project. Cinema, Bar, Eldorado, Community, Art & Culture, Education & shops ahead. For those that love to go vintage, perv this place.

When you land on the left are a bunch of freebies.  To the right is the information board.  Old fashion posters are up to tell you what events the sim will be holding soon.

Walking in there is sign where you can click to get information.  Looking at the card it gives you a bunch of information including a map of the city.

There is a tram that stops at 83 spots.  If you ride it all the way around its a great way to explore the sim.  Many of the locations on the tram are functional.  Museum with changing exibits, church running regular services, librabry for great learning.  They also have the Oden Theatre where famous performers perform.  If your into Tango dancing @ the Goethegarten.  Perhaps Tea dance w/ orchestra is more your style. Babylon cinema where you can watch timeless movies.

There is so much to explore here.  Also if you're looking for a vintage place to take pictures at you won't want to miss it.

They have VERY strict rules about attire.  I was able to slip in just long enough to grab some information and take a quick pic.  They have worked very hard on this sim, and want to keep it as authentic as possible.  Please read the notecard to make sure you have the proper attire.

I was worried that I would be kicked out automatically because of my attire.  So I joined the group and asked if there was a mod on, a nice lady responded.  She me a few links to check out to get more information on the place.  I can not possibily cover everything on this place, so for more information please read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_1920s_Berlin_Project.  They also have a website http://1920sBerlin.com and the owner maintains her own blog https://joyardley.wordpress.com.

** Lag Rating: 2

From the elegance of Berlin going Southeast to the heaviness of Heavy Gear.  As I walk in I can see that it is a hardcore bondage equipment store.  Chasity belts, collars, blind folds, ball gags, all RVL compatible.  Along with RLV controlled clothing.

You can also purchase the Mama Allpa hud.  Along with their own hud Heavy Gear Predator, a hud you can hunt, capture and dominate.  It has 76 high quality animations and easy to use RLV traps.  There is a demo in the store.

If you join the group which is free there are 2 Midnight Mania boards that has gift cards in them along with lucky chairs scattered about.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

North takes me Evocative Designs, a business owned by the same people that brings you Lapointe & BastChild Designs.  This place is a once stop shop for all your wedding planning needs.

With outstanding jewelry., wedding rings, or jewels that accent your wedding dress. Also well crafted rings for men.

Clothing is also on this sim. Tuxedos for men, that are high quality and shoes to match.  Breath taking wedding dresses along with bridesmaid dresses.  A subtle mix of both light and dark wedding dresses.

No wedding would be complete without such things as cakes, bouquets, and boutonnieres.  Maybe something for your hair like a Lily. They have some really elegant Decor to make your wedding gorgeous.

They also supply wedding coordinator supplies.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

This is turning out to definitely be a sugar and spice post.  As I head Northeast I land on the dirty patch again of Zindra.  This time falling on Amanda's Spanking Palace.

Going into the building, there is a huge room, with an interesting wheel.  You click it and it has all sorts of things on it.  Different spanks or chores that need to be done.  Across the room are couches sets out for people to view public spankings.

Deeper inside the building there is a theater set up with spanking shows with theater seating.  Going across the room from there is an outdoor pool with some floaties out for you to enjoy.

In the back center is a classroom set up.  Not sure exactly what they do here but there is spanking in the front of the room.  If you are looking for a classroom setting to take pics this would be a good place.

Upstairs on the right there is balcony seating to watch the show.  In the center is a vintage set up with a bed to enjoy with Solo, Cuddling and spanking features. And on the left is the upstairs dungeon room equipped with many BDSM toys.

** Lag Rating: 1

Getting off of Zindra heading Northwest, landing at The Oasis @ Virtlantis.  A pretty decorated beach scene.  A place to learn a new language for free.  They have a very cozy atmosphere.  With bonefires, cuddles spots and games like Simoplis.  Quite the place to take pictures as well.

You can check out their web page at http://virlantis.com.  Where you can learn how to join.  Free learning activies have been around since 2006. If your interested in participating check to see the calender for set up events.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow...

~ JL

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