Saturday, February 21, 2015

Adventure 50

Today I'm wearing a cute extremely short dress for the stroll.  Before I started strolling  I ran over to check out Al Vulo if they had a new group gift from the last time I went there and they did.  It's much darker then what I'm use to but I have to say my ass looks FANTASTIC. And yes the dress is short enough to see half my ass.

You can get this look by grabbing the group that is free at Al Vulo, and snag the gift.  The hair is still available @ Tableau Vivant.  This dollarbie is from Marketplace by Prettygirl

So what's first on the menu today... Justise Barcelos Collections Menwear.  This place is perfect for guys that are or want to be strippers.  Many of the outfits have different stages of undress.  Some have pulled up shirts or large holes in unappropriated spots.

Not only is it awesome to walk around and check out the models with hot attire on, but I love to run into men's clothing.  Since men are so under representatived in our wonderful world.

All clothing is mesh, with resizers.  They have themed clothing like BDSM Chain outfit, football gear,  construction workers, gorean clothing, and some look like jungle clothing which would be great at the Jungle Of Sin I mentioned a few posts back.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Lol I just love how the directions go sometimes,  I started off here when I took the first direction of going Northwest.  The next direction was Southwest.  Well now thinking about it it was so funny lol.... But this place is awesome.  Every month they give out kick ass skins. If your looking a new skin ladies, I'd check this place out first.

You land outside, where behind you see a small cabin where if you are a member of the group you get a gift.  The group is free and the gift comes with Tango, Phat Azz, Slink, & Wowmeh appliers.

The other little cabin has eyelashes in it. Next to it there are a few skins near the cabin for petites.  On the right there is a pretty scene that tells you there are new skins.  You walk through the red door and walk down  a small autumn walk way.  Unfortunately there's nothing put there yet, but it looks like she's setting up.  It looks awesome.

Going inside the building on the left side there are full avatars with hair, skin, clothing.  Moving more into the store you can see the newer skins with Slink appliers.

** Lag Rating: 2

East takes me to Intimate Romance Garden.  A large dance platform.  This place is very active. There are plenty of seats to sit down.  Personally I'm just standing here perving profiles lol.  The place is floating in the water, so no you can't walk on water here lol.  There are many Intan Dance balls around for private dancing.  It's very pretty and lots of palm trees.

At the entrance they have a teleport system that takes you to a cuddle cove, cuddle dance area, moon pool and roof top dancing.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

From the mundane to the pervers..North takes me to Public Disgrace.  A RLV capture free sex sim.  Following the red arrows on the floor, through a maze of a strip mall.  Giving you a chance to  check out venders along the way.

Once you reach the end you can choose to go left which takes you to big room.  Filled with people, and BDSM items everywhere. Pose balls for 3somes, and public masturbation.  The walls are covered in advertisements.  A very dingy urban street.

If you would have gone right to step out to the yard.  Same type of toys out, but it gives it more of a romantic feel.  Scattered through the grass and trees.  Sex against cars, trees, and hidden traps.

While walking around there is a subway, gym and that take you underground.  If you are into a bit more privacy, there is building in the back with stripper poles, a bed and some more BDSM toys. And some cages upstairs.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Last leg of todays trip is Teqi's Tongue.  A very busy place.  Multi-functional furniture. Everyone is welcome, straight, gay, or bi doesn't matter.  Couple dancing, lap dances and stripper poles.  Role play romance, interracial fantasies, orgies BDSM, RLV and cuckold.

It was a bit too laggy for my taste.  Probably because there were a bunch of well put together avatars there.  Ladies it would be worth checking it out if you're looking for a high quality avatar male.

** Lag Rating: 4.5

Till Tomorrow

~ JL


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