Monday, February 16, 2015

Adventure 47

Got a late start today.  I've been sleeping a lot lately and slacking on my responsibilities lol.  So I get myself together and put on an outfit from probably my favorite designer, Andrea Sage.  Although she has taken a break from making new clothes, which made me wanna cry.  She shut down her shop put some of the stuff up on her Marketplace.  The shirt is no longer available, but the pants are.

Ripping into a fat bowl, and putting in the movie "Pretty In Pink".  I've been in a John Hughes mood lately.  Last night I watched "The Breakfast Club" not that you care lol.  Anyway onto the show.

The outfit the stroll is from Decadent.  One of my favorite stores, but now their only on Marketplace.
One of my recent favor hairs you can find in the discount area at Magika.  Playmate Pose is by Image Essentials.

The first location is Northwest where I land at Michigan's Shack.  Falling in front of a big wall.  It explains the VIP Group which gives you 25% refund on all items in store.  Special discount boards, free group gifts and chat enabled, price for this group is 500L.  Explaining why there are two prices, lowest price is the Platinum price.  And they have a redelivery terminal.

Their products are set up in very interesting display presence.  Mesh products with low land impact. They have so much stuff here it would take forever just to name the products.  But just to name a few, they have a jet ski w/color hud, 4 whellers, Dinner table w/color hud, Pool Table w/over 500 animations w/solo, straight, gay, lesbian & group.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Moving Southwest landing in a really pretty strip club called Amore.  It is a very classy place, done antique set up with faint pink.  Off to the left there is a room full of escort boards.

Walking through the opening, there is a very pretty bar on one side and The owners of the place on the other.  Going down the stair case there is pictures of barely clothed women.

Prices for topless is 500L and full naked is 1000L, 1500L lapdance.  If you wear the tag the prices are 400L topless, 900L full naked and 1400L lapdance.  Group is free.

** Lag Rating: 2

Westward is Pandora Box of Dreams.  When you land there is just a box for you to walk through. Then a black room with a bed, beautiful decorated.  You sit on the bed and it teleports you go a gorgeous landscape.

Photographers, if you are looking for a place to take landscape pictures, this is one place you will NOT want to miss.  There are so many beautiful spots to take a pic for this location my heads spinning.  This place is a dream sequence so it will change completely in 2 to 3 months, so check back frequently to see what beauty may come.

I happened to stumbled across a gorgeous guy while I was there.  He was afk, but luck have it he answered me back when I left from the location.  Lucky me =).

You may have permissions to lay poses down and such if you join the group for 50L

** Lag Rating: 2

Southeast is the next destination as I land on Wunderbar Ballroom.  They say they have been in SL for over 7 years..  Decorated in blues, golds and delicate white roses planted spread around.  An elegant grand piano surrounded by dance orbs.

There are stairs on the side of the bar that takes you upstairs, where you can see the beautiful place from up top.  You can camera down to click the dance orb and it will bring you poses for a private romantic dance.

** Lag Rating: 1

Northeast is the last location on this beautiful stroll.  This place is no different, at least the outside. Outside the place there is a firepit on the beach.  A board shack, pretty places to relax and cuddle.  It even gives you a chance to swim with the dolphins and killer whales.  Even a dance floor down the beach from the landing.

Inside isn't so pretty.  It's more of an urban feel with dirty play things all around.
Going to the far right, there is sink, toilet and dingy mattress to have sex on.  This place is set up fro 3 ways, caging, and BDSM items about.

The room furthest left has a porn cinema, Greedy, Pool tables you can have up to a 4some on.  And strip poles also.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until Tomorrow

~ JL

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